Posted August 16th, 2006

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"A Wake Up Call"

We lie truly and genuinely in order to unravel a huge complication that we got into; We truly tell the lie as the truth and the truth as the lie.

In the backdrop of political killings taking place in the North, East, West, South and beyond, it appears that old scores are settled in cold-blooded fashion. The likes of Bola ige, Funsho williams, Dr. Marshall Harry, and so many others have been killed. This has alerted the free thinking Nigerians; irrespective of their political convictions, to rise against the brutal murders committed in the name of politics. Despite the committee being appointed by the government, to probe into the politically motivated killings, it is also essential that the agreement between the government and the police should be amended to safeguard those who fear repercussion during the time of peace. It should also be ensured that the monitoring mechanism in place is empowered to investigate and report to the authorities any complaints received in regard to political intimidation and killings.

During the period of peace or cessation of hostilities it has been widely seen that " peace as violence by another name" ( The title of the key note speech delivered by Dr.Arjuna Parakrama on 7th February 2003 at the Cornell University , Itahca USA ). Does peace give the so-called politicians a "licence to kill" their political opponents? It is contemptible that the Nigerian Government has been impotent in its duties of keeping peace, especially during the violence in the Niger delta, let alone the assassinations. The political killings and violence were much during the time of Abacha that was an aggressive leadership rather than a peace keeping leadership. In the context of political killings in Nigeria , we cannot simply rule out the allegation that the late Funsho williams commonly called "captain" , could have been killed by his fellow aspirants for the position of a Governor. Despite being defeated in the general elections in 2004, . Given the history of PDP one cannot also rule out possible conspiracy theories implicating the AD in political killings, such as that of The "Captain".

No body would have forgotten as to how Gen.Zia ul hag , the former President of Pakistan was killed in the air; leaving minimal impact on his supporters to react violently on his death. I tend to look back at the time where the high profile and young Muslim politicians were ruthlessly targeted and eliminated by the Tamil militants in the North and East. Since the emergence of Tamil militarism in the North and East , the first Muslim politician who was killed was Mr. Ramlan , the former Commissioner of Eravur Town Council. He was killed in 1990, allegedly by the Tamil militant group who had their Muslim members in Eravur. Williams, a former engineer who became chairman of the National Maritime Authority, had run for governor twice. Posters emblazoned with his face and "Lagos 2007" are plastered throughout the city, though he had not officially entered the race.After a recent building collapse in Lagos that killed 20 people, Williams toured the site, offering aid to survivors and blaming government corruption for the disaster.Political assassinations and the use of armed youth gangs to intimidate opponents have become common in Nigerian politics. Human Rights Watch estimated that more than 100 people were killed in election-related violence during Nigeria's last general ballot, in 2003.Earlier this month, a candidate for governor of Plateau state was abducted and shot to death on his way home from a political rally. No arrests have been made. Oil-rich Rivers state also has seen a spate of bombings aimed at the houses of prominent politicians and their families. Police said they were investigating three attacks in the last two months.

"The current upsurge in political killings sends a clear and unmistakable signal of what to expect as the elections draw near and during the elections proper", Nigeria's largest human rights group, the Civil Liberties Organization, said in a statement Friday. All what we look for is the truth not the lie.

Abolarin Damilola Oluwatobi
LeadCity University
Ibadan, Oyo State

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