Posted December 27th, 2006

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THE MAN Dr ANDY UBA AND THE ANAMBRA 2007 AGENDA – A True and Just Assessment

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- By Abanobi, Martin Ike

It is no news that Chief Dr Andy Uba (Ugo Mba 1) is on the race for Governor in Anambra state. This revelation has been made public after he officially picked the forms from the PDP secretariat in Awka some weeks ago. To some, his purpose remains unclear while to others his intention is a blessing to the people of the state. This eye-opener is therefore meant to assess the candidature of Dr Andy Uba in an unbiased perspective of purpose and to bring his agenda to limelight in this state of ‘interesting’ happenings for the past seven years.

To say that Anambra state needs good governance is an understatement of need and for one who have been following with keen interest the unfolding events in the state, it is a blessing to the state and to Nigeria as a whole if a positive turning point is witnessed come 2007 in the once home for all. To the average Anambrarian, what the state needs most is peace in the polity, having experienced political upheaval too many, a unifying force is very necessary. It is only then that any meaningful development can and will possibly take place.

The person of Dr Andy Uba is a man who has been in the salient fronts of the Obasanjo-led administration. To those in the pinnacle of governance, he is known as a core loyalist and a consistent player in the present administration, winning for himself the reputation of being the brain behind the government. Though not well known for public speeches and self-advertisement (this mainly attributed to his ‘sensitive’ position in government), he is a man of great ideals. No doubt, this assertion is justified by Mr President who showered encomiums on Dr Uba as the best person he has ever worked with. This however is a vindication from whatever wrong notion being created in any quarters as to how well he has performed in his capacity as special adviser to the president on domestic affairs. I shall leave the rest assessment to political specialists as to how ‘strategic’ the portfolio of the nations’ ‘domestic affairs’ is to the relative national stability we have all enjoyed thus far.

One might draw the conclusion that those who do not want Dr Andy Uba in power come 2007 in Anambra state are against the peace and progress of the state. They certainly are not genuinely interested in ensuring that unity, peace and progress reigns in the state, but are content with speculating doom for the state and relish at mocking its good people, using the happenings in the state as an effective weapon. Some political opponents interested only in their own selfish gains have also seized the opportunity to thwart the process which is geared at revamping Anambra state. They should therefore desist from the incessant manipulation of stories and rumour peddling, which will do Anambra state more harm than good.

Dr Andy Uba is a bridge-builder and he alone has the ‘circumstantial capacity’ to mend the wounded state. Anambra – the light of the nation, has come a long way through thick and thin and should be given the opportunity to experience peace. With the crop of great minds in the state, one will have no choice but to be optimistic about the positive transformation about to take place in the state – an unequalled revolution and transformation. And history will vindicate all the positive minds for seeing Dr Uba’s pivotal role to this actualization.

It is true that during Dr Andy’s most commendable but silent selfless service to the nation as Mr president’s confidant, he has been instrumental to the emergence of great achievers such as Prof Charles Soludo, Dr Mrs Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Dr Mrs Oby Ezekwesili and and Chief Mrs Dora Akunyili, to mention but a few – all from Anambra state. Even during the Ngige-led administration, Dr Uba made sure that funds desperately used for federal road projects in the state were refunded. To the perceptive Anambrarian, these are salient proofs of the good intentions of Dr Andy Uba for his state.

A lot have been said about the recent happenings in the state and the involvement of Dr Uba in it. Whether or not these statements are true is yet to be proved. It is quite unfair and grossly inappropriate to make such baseless and unnecessary arguments with such lack of credible proofs. Most of these accusations are tagged ‘political’ in inventive and its desire to shove the aspirant off. They are largely assumptions and speculations by mischievous rumour mongers who are satisfied by tarnishing the image of Dr Andy Uba as can be deduced in their frivolous story lines. We have got to a stage in this country where people should be accessed on the basis of their competence; not in terms of whether their relation is this or that. Anambra is going through troubled times because it has not elected somebody who understands the psyche of the people. It is understandable that men tutored by politically inept instructors should relish at undermining the bright plans a great mind as Dr Andy Uba has for his people. Despite the ups and downs, Anambrarians should not be blindfolded by negative notions coming from mostly non-Anambra indegenes (many of whom have never stepped foot in the state and do not really grasp the situation on ground). Anambrarians should put their destiny into perspective by seeing the role Dr Andy Uba must play in revamping Anambra state from grass to grace.

Working with Mr President for eight good and loyal years is a huge experience in no mean measure. He (Andy) has been around the world and has made so much contacts with well-meaning investors and technocrats alike and he intends to bring the fruits of his vast outreach to Anambra state. Dr Andy at an outing organised by the Andy Uba Solidarity Youth Forum in Abuja, spoke extensively on the need for peace to reign in Anambra state and how he intends to make this actualised if given the mandate. This he identified, is the base for any meaningful development to take place in the state. Dr Uba promised to provide a collective government, which will be responsive to the needs of all.

As fruits of his experience, he intends to bring investment into the state from far and near and also make Anambra state a choice destination for visitors both within and outside the country. Pointing out that most Anambrarians are well-established in various places, he intends to create an enabling environment which will draw them back home. Dr Andy Uba is a man of action and a lover of the youth and he has an agenda for effectively engaging the youth in gainful employment. Speaking further, among his dreams for the state if put into power is the dredging of the river Niger to create a direst link for the flow of goods and services to and fro the state and the provision of quality infrastructural developments namely: good road networks, medical access, rural electrification and education at the doorsteps of the people, are topmost in his agenda, to mention but a few. You just need to behold his ingenuity and straightforward personality. He is a man of his words and for me Dr Andy Uba is a well-established young man with all he needs. All he has to do is render quality service to his people. Is his name tarnished? He intends to redeem it. Are there any doubts as to whether or not he will deliver? He needs to prove himself right.

Interestingly, notable public figures have truthfully asserted the personal competence of Dr Uba for the governorship position in Anambra state. Aside from the presidential commendation of Dr Andy’s competence, the president of Dangote Group, Alahaji Aliko Dangote, speaking to The Sun, lends his moral support on his conviction of Andy’s sincerity and capability to face the challenges ahead. He said “To tell you the truth, how I wish to have somebody in the mould of Andy to go and run for governorship in my home state…” Dangote went further to assert that “He (Andy) is a visionary leader. He is someone who is not going there to steal money. And in matters of dishonesty, you can count him out”. Interestingly, the EFCC boss Mallam Nuhu Ribadu has vindicated Dr Uba from the widely misconstrued ‘dollar haul’ when he spoke to Daily Champion saying “In the whole story purportedly written by one Guy Gino, we did not see any mention of a government agency, neither was it stated that the money came from the government of Nigeria”. Then heating the nail on the head, Mallam Ribadu said “Our conclusion is that people are just playing politics…”

Meanwhile, the Anambra Youth Alliance has dismissed the allegations against Dr Andy Uba, advising the media houses not to be used by corrupt politicians who do not want to be accountable to the Nigerian public. These blackmailers they said, in their apparent failure to get the president have now targeted his trusted aide who they believe if he is rubbished, the hurt will get to the president. They should therefore leave this industrious son of Anambra state, who has contributed much to the development of our great country Nigeria. In the same vein, the Anambra North Youth Movement in her 3-point resolution has thrown their weight in support of Dr Andy Uba. They have resolved to ignore all agitations within the Anambra North senatorial zone for a chance to produce the next governor of the state, as the movement pledges support and solidarity for the candidature of Dr Andy Uba as governor come 2007. The same is the story for the Abuja based Anambra State Towns (People) Association to mention but a few.

Dr Andy Uba is an honest man who has served Mr President and this nation meritoriously and does not deserve blackmail. Let’s give him a go and let the future vindicate Anambra state. Let Anambra state experience peace and good governance. I therefore call on all and sundry to support the Andy Uba Agenda for Anambra 2007.


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