Posted November 20, 2006

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The Experience of Abuse of Democracy and the Rape of the Constitution Across the Nation is Worse than Military Dictatorship!

The democracy that Nigerians fought for is seriously derailing! The fundamental reason why Nigeria returned to democracy in 1999 is not seen in the horizon, under Obasanjo’s administration. The abuse of the Constitution in the name of war against graft is tearing the nation apart. The Judges, who are supposed to be the Constitutional watchdogs, now violate the Constitution at will. The Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) that was formed to fight against corruption has vehemently turned the agency into what many called GESTAPO organization. The Nigerian Police Force that is meant to protect and serve the nation fairly and squarely, is now the puppet tool, Aso Rock uses to hunt its political opponents. The State Security Service (SSS) has dastardly turned into “State Research Bureau,” the security organization Idi Amin used in Uganda during his evil regime. The legislators that were elected to be lawmakers have now turned to be law breakers.

The gale of injustice and impeachment of elected governors across the nation is a mockery of democracy and a rape on the Constitution. The impeachment of Oyo State Governor, Senator Rashidi Ladoja by 18 lawmakers out of 32 members of the state House of Assembly was unconstitutional, because the State Assembly did not constitute 2/3 of the majority as enshrined by the 1999 Constitution. Does this mean that we have Constitution? The entire system, including the judicial system is messed up! The removal of Fasoye as governor of Ekiti state was a total abuse of office by the so-called lawmakers. As a result of Ekiti state House of Assembly speaker’s naked ambition to be governor, a chief judge was removed unconstitutionally to pave way in order for him to achieve his selfish and self-centered aspiration. In Anambra, Governor Obi was impeached by 15 legislators of 28 lawmakers, which did not constitute 2/3 of the majority as stipulated by the Federal Constitution of Nigeria. On Monday (November 13, 2006), the worst constitutional violation took place in the Rayfield Government House. The removal of the former Governor of Plateau State, Chief Joshua Dariye, by 6 of the 24 members of the state House of Assembly was unconstitutional, and was abuse of democracy and a rape of the constitution. What happened in Plateau state on Monday was very democratically outrageous in the history of Nigeria . It is only in Nigeria that 6 out of 24 lawmakers will impeach a sitting governor.

The man that was sworn-in as the President in May 29, 1999 to defend and uphold the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria now violates the Constitution in order to achieve the botched third term agenda. Some people think that the ambition to extend Obasanjo’s tenure beyond 2007 is dead, NO IT’S NOT! If 6 of the 24 members of the state House of Assembly can violate the constitution and impeach governor Dariye, then the National Assembly can impeach president Obasanjo without constituting the 2/3 of the majority as enshrined by the constitution? I don’t know where in the world Mr. President is leading Nigerians to. Obasanjo is killing our toilsome democracy. If at all Obasanjo will disengage in 2007 as stipulated by the constitution, I believe that what goes around comes around. Just wait and see!

Isaac Moses writing from the United States of America

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