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Odili asking too much too fast!

In 1999 when Nigeria returned to civil rule after 15 years of military dictatorship, it happened that Dr. Peter Odili won the 1999 governorship election of Rivers state in the PDP platform. We know that managing the Rivers people and its resources will be a tough transition without a visionary leader in the saddle. Since inception of Odiliís administration, the dividend of democracy is not seen neither the hallmark of democracy felt by the people of Rivers state. This administration has so much engaged in propaganda at citizenís peril. After the first four years in office, Odili has nothing good to show the good people of Rivers state. Then there came 2003 general elections that marred with all kinds of violence. Even the unborn children in 2003 knew that there was no election, and 2003 election was full of manikins of fraud. The international observers reported that there was no election in Rivers state, but still PDP and its members rigged the election in favor of Odili.

Odiliís second term in office has done more harm than good. As a result of his administrationís perpetual negligence to the people of the state, Rivers people have experienced the worst killings of the century. If it were not armed robbery killings, it will be cultistís attack, if it were not cultist killings it will be political assassinations, and if it were not political killings, it will be kidnapping of foreigners. Despite all these unrest situations in Rivers state, this administration has not taken any preliminary step to douse the tension in the state. People are living in fear, right now! We are not talking about mismanagement of our fund, we are not talking about using the state allocations to campaign for presidential election, we are not talking about stashing public fund abroad, we are not talking about unnecessary philanthropy in order to buy peopleís vote and voice; what we are concern is about our lives and properties, we need to be protected.

This administration that received tumultuous welcome from the good people of Rivers state now alienates itself from the people. All the promises made by Odili during his governorship campaign, and fundamental reason people voted for him in 1999, none is seen in the horizon. I am talking about the very basic things such as: constant power supply, steady running water, and good reads.

2007 is when Obasanjoís administration will disengage. Knowing that 2007 election is around the corner, Dr. Peter Odili, the executive governor of Rivers state is campaigning for the nationís presidency with all his might and all the fiber in him. Dr. Peter Odili is asking too much too fast. He wants to succeed Obasanjo come 2007. Odiliís praises on the pages of newspapers, are done by his political cronies and acolytes. No Rivers man/woman with his/her normal senses will give his or her mandate to person of Odili again, because he abysmally failed to deliver the dividends of democracy. Comparing the Money Rivers State is receiving from the federation account every month, Odili performed far below the standard in all aspects. Odili, asking too much too fast will not get him to Aso Rock come 2007.

Isaac Moses , August 08th, 2006
Chicago, U.S.A

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