Posted - October 20th, 2006

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A rethink for the Leaders and the Nigerian society

It is unfortunate the house of assembly in Ekiti State was selfish and lacked the maturity to handle situation till it so degenerated. Democracy is expected to be managed by broad mindedness, fairness and tolerance. But, those were lacking in the law makers in Ekiti State, a State known for intellectualism!!!

Well, we shall see what happens after this. Let all the suspended members of the Etiki house of assembly be probed, then it may be surprising to find out that all of them were corrupt. The secret will likely soon be opened.

The issue is that most of our leaders in Nigeria already have their hands soiled, yet they point accusive fingers. Who among them do not have undeclared foreign accounts? Which of them is not corrupt? Which of them is not involved in one failed contract or the other? But, they all behave holier than thou, until their sins were discovered.

The holy writ affirms, 'Your sins will find you out' It is only a matter of time, their sins shall be discovered. Our leaders however do not want their sins discovered. To this end, they are making propaganda and fights against EFCC. But, it is too late. God is already visiting our leaders with his divine judgment.

My advice is that our leaders should have a change of heart. This is a matter of will. They should have a repentant heart, openly confess their sins to the masses and return all ill-gotten wealth as they pack out of office. That is shameful but more honorable at last. They will have peace of mind and enjoy the rest of their life. If they refuse to take to this, their consciences and sins will continue to chase them and they will not know peace.

The masses should also change for better. Some times the masses are the problems of the leaders. We expect too much of them financially and commit them to make promises that will lead them into fraud and corruption. We give them chieftaincy titles to exploit them.

The Nigerian society should equally change our sense of value. We place more emphasis on money and not integrity and real intellectuality. This is wrong. We make rich people secret cows and worship them, though we know the sources of their wealth is doubtful. All these have not helped us and we should rethink. . We should channel our energy on technological development and improved ideologies. We should deviate from been unnecessarily and hypocritically religious but learn to be honest, sincere and righteous.

Dr. B. A. Adewumi
Associate Professor/ UNU Fellow

Permanent Address:
Department of Food Science and Technology
Federal University of Technology, Akure, NIGERIA.
Cell Phone: +91 9449133478


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