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Memo to Akinwunmi Ambode, the APC Lagos State Gubernatorial Candidate.

By: Sly Edaghese

Published April 9th, 2015

Dear Ambode,

I don't know you personally but I have  come to admire your intimidating and enviable credentials which to me have stood you head and shoulders  above your main rival Jim Agbaje. It's not that Agbaje too doesn't possess what it takes to govern Lagos; he does. It's only that I found yours quite out of sight and incomparable! . As a result I had made up my mind to cast my vote for you this Saturday. Not just me alone. I had also talked members of my family living in Lagos into voting for you. Again, more than that. I'm a good campaigner when it comes to selling a good candidate to the electorate. I could also ram a bad candidate down the throat of an unwilling electorate but I don't do it. No, I don't pad a bad material. My conscience is too tender to sell a rotten apple to the people as fresh fruit. But if wanted, I could easily have done it.

 Ambode, if you don't know, I possess the capacity to present, say, a serpent to the market and sell it as an egg! With my sweet and scintillating prose, I tell you, I could market any product to my reading audience and they'd buy it. Such, Ambode, is the strength of a good writer. But I don't use my God-given gift to market rubbish. My market space is my facebook. My audience are large. I invite you to open my facebook to have a glimpse of how I successfully marketed  General Mohammadu Buhari to my reading audience. At first they were reluctant to buy the candidacy of Buhari or even come near it with a long spoon, all because his opponents had demonised him. But what I did was to present the old General as a brand. To do that took several write-ups served and garnished with flawless prose. Today, the old General has become the People's General, the nation's President-Elect!

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Ambode,  what can I not do with my pen! What I did in my little corner to assist Buhari to trounce a sitting President to submission was what I was planning for you before Rilwan Akiolu, the Oba of Lagos, threw spanners in the works. I knew you must have heard how he insulted the Ibos and, by extension, all of us non-indigenes in Lagos States. He talked to the cream of Ibos who paid him a courtesy visit in his palace as if they were captive exils in Lagos. As I said, I knew you've read the Oba's hate speech in the social media, but I want to reproduce the excerpt here so you can read it again and know why many your ardent supporters may take their votes to Jim Agbaje on Saturday. Hear the Oba:

"On Saturday, if any of you vote against Ambode, that is your end... If it doesn't happen within 7 days just say I am a bastard and not my father who born me. I am the owner of Lagos for the time being. On Saturday, if any of you vote against my will, that person is going to die inside this water. I am not begging anybody, but I swear in the name God almighty Allah, Ambode is going to be the next Lagos State Governor. Listen to me. I am not ready to beg any of you. You must not, I repeat, you must not; what you cannot do in Onitsha; what you cannot do in Aba or anywhere... If you obey me you will continue to prosper but if you disobey me you will perish in this water, finish."

Ambode, we love you but the Oba has presented you as a raw character coming out of the cave, or at best, as a sectional leader who cares less if non-natives in Lagos "perish in the lagoon!"

It is quite galling to read this hate speech from an Oba of Lagos. The Ibos in Lagos are not his captives and as such do not merit this great insult. I am therefore calling on all non-indigenes living in Lagos State to forget their political leanings come this Saturday and vote for Agbaje, the PDP gubernatorial candidate, just to tell Rilwan Akiolu, the Oba of Lagos, that we do not fear his threat nor his god, "finish."     



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