Posted November 23, 2006

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A Letter From Comrade Sunny Ofehe.

Dear All,

Do you know how many people die every minute in Africa because they don't have food to eat? The one million dollar question now is what have you done to save any of this lives?

The heart is our garden, and along with each action there is an intention that is planted like a seed.
We can use a sharp knife to cut someone, and if our intention is to do harm, we will be a murderer.
We can perform an almost identical action, but if we are surgeons, the intention is to heal and save life.
The action is the same, yet depending on its purpose or intention, it can be either a terrible act or a compassionate act. What are you doing with your own sharp knife?

Stop thinking about yourself alone but rather do something NOW to affect at least one life in Africa! Spread this message.

Below is a link to the concluding part of my interview with the Nigerian national daily the Daily Independence. I will appreciate it if you take out time to read it.

May the God I serve richly bless you.

Comrade Sunny Ofehe
Hope for Niger Delta Campaign,HNDC
The Netherlands

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