"Anambra State Governor Impeached!
- Stop This Lawlessness"

"Federal Government Should Step Up to Stop
Any Threat of Violence"

It is very disturbing to read about the incessant impeachment incidents that are being staged and carried out by various state legislators against their Governors. Sure, there is nothing wrong with that, when and if done in the legal way. Nigeria should aim at being a leader in the continent of Africa, where the rule of law prevails and the federal government should not hesitate to support such decisions, when properly done.

What is going on now in Oyo, Anambra and other states is a typical example where the Federal government should step in and ensure stability in the states concerned. Declaring a state of emergency may not be the right thing to do, rather, using the legal institutions and enforcement of their decision is what the federal government should do at this time. Nigeria has come a long way and has paid enough prize by being set back by politicians fermenting trouble.

If only Nigerian politicians could emulate politicians in some developing countries like India and Pakistan, we could engage our energy in thinking of better ways to utilize our God given resources like the crude oil and manpower. We sure do need leaders at the state and federal levels, who have the vision to bring us the promise land and not those who continue bringing us back to the dark ages.

-Nnamdi, USA
 Posted November 03, 2006

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