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Prof. Iwu’s Actions Too Dangerous For Silence!

Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission Dr. Maurice Iwu has described INEC critics as politicians looking for excuses for their abysmal failures in 2007 general elections.

The Vice President Atiku Abubaka last week stated that the Nigerian people and the electorates have no confidence in INEC, as INEC will not deliver free and fair election come 2007. Prof. Iwu's response to the statement credited to vice president Atiku Abubaka is gathering a major concern to the nation’s political system. Instead of the INEC chairman to address the issue pointed out by Atiku, he was going about lashing out the vice president, by saying that Atiku should go and take care of his problems, and leave his commission alone. That is not right; is not fair, for person of INEC chairman to make such embarrassing statement.

In as much as I am concerned the INEC chairman Prof. Maurice Iwu is among those politicians heating up the polity. Every Nigerian knows that the Independent National Electoral Commission is not independent as applied by its name. Iwu’s attitudes show that 2007 election is a conclusive issue waiting for its results to be announced. As an INEC boss, Iwu is meant to know that people will always criticize his commission.

Federal government should call the INEC boss Prof. Iwu to order; because he is not a politician to be attacking people whenever and however he likes. Caution should guide the INEC chairman’s lips and utterances. Nigerians see you all the time on the pages of newspaper exchanging words with politicians, this has to stop right now if you want people to have confidence and trust in you.

Isaac Moses , August 2nd, 2006
Chicago, U.S.A

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