Posted November 11th, 2007

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Ife Araba bounces back" with 50:50 Family Quiz.

Fredrick Femi Robinson
Dateline: 07.17.10

 A Television series 50:50 Family Quiz will soon be shot in Gateway Television in Ogun State. It will be produced and presented by the former Village Headmaster, Femi Robinson a.k.a “Ife Araba”(Creator of "Show of the Century", "Shoppers Guide", "Welcome Aboard" and a host of sucessful TV series.

The 50:50 Family Quiz which is designed to move manufacturing, production, tourism, the buying and selling business in the country forward is to debut on GTV and some other TV stations in Lagos State.

It is a service and product marketing program that is geared towards making the public crave to have a taste of a product or service. The Family Quiz is expected to start running from the beginning of September 2010 until it peaks with a bumper edition in October.

The aim of the 50:50 Family Quiz is to give families a chance to win products and services if they are able to answer five questions about people, places and events that took place in Nigeria from Independence to date.

The questions will be cash designated. However the cash wins can only be spent in buying products from the sponsors on the program.

The 50: 50 Quiz tickets will soon be on sale at some TV stations and shopping outlets. Sponsors will have some tickets allocated to them free to give to those who patronize them.

100 lucky ticket holders will be invited as audience participants to the show. There will be 5 (five) audience questions to win a N25, 000.00 worth of the products on display. Families for the “Hot Seat” will be given Hotel accommodation during the recording of the show in Abeokuta. They also stand a chance of cash wins of 1 million naira to buy products at 50% its actual sales value. The 50th Golden Jubilee Show is designed to promote unity, recognize Families who have remained loyal to their vows and promote Tourism in the State. Only married couples will be permitted to take the “Hot Seat”. Yes I am back. I am Not tired, I have Not Retired. The slogan this time is, "Femi Robinson , Tell us how you did it then".

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