Posted November 07th, 2006

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Ibadan Political Logjam: Caution should guide Adidibu’s lips and utterances; Ojo should resign.

Somebody like Adidbu the acclaimed Ibadan maverick politician should be ashamed of himself. It is only in Nigeria that the likes of Adidibu will continue to pontificate himself as if he is above the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria. This man should be ashamed of himself for generating political problems in Ibadan .

Ladojo, the former Oyo state executive governor was vehemently impeached on January 12, 2006 by 18 law makers out of 32 legislators. Those 18 legislators are loyal to the greedy Adidibu, who claims to control Ibadan politics.

Last week the Federal Court of Appeal in Ibadan delivered one of the most courageous and landmark judgments in the nation’s democracy by declaring unconstitutional, the impeachment of Ladoja.

It is mendacious rubbish to the statement that was credited to the almighty Adidibu; that no Jupiter in this world will restore Ladoja back to power. I don’t know what Adidibu thinks he is or what he thinks his backers are! Addidbu should cover his face with shame, and be out Nigerian political space, because his plan to frustrate Ladoja’s political career has abysmally failed and God Almighty in his infinite mercy has restored the mandate of Ladoja.

Ojo Bayo, the Attorney-General and Minister of Justice of the Federation, should honorably resign his appointment, for he is a disappointment for abusing the Nigerian Constitution which he is suppose to defend and uphold. Ojo is now denying Ladoja his mandate by quoting law. Where was Ojo, the Attorney-General and Minister of Justice of the Federation, when 18 law makers out of 32 impeached governor Ladoja? Everyone knows that 18 legislators out of 32 law makers have not constituted the 2/3 majority to impeach any governor as stipulated by the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Did Ojo return from the space when Ekiti Chief Judge was dastardly removed by Ekiti legislators, something that has never happened in Nigerian political history? Now Ojo is saying that “government is committed to the due process and the rule of law. The judicial process must be allowed to take its course. This is the only way to guarantee a solid foundation for constitutionalism and democracy in this country.” Ojo is now appealing to the people to eschew violence or any threat to the peace and security of the state as the Federal government will deal decisively with anyone that is found breaking law and order. He warned that government would not tolerate any recourse to violence or self-help in the state or in any part of the country. I am very sure, Bayo Ojo was in the planet Mars when Anambra impeachment saga took place. 15 legislators out 28, unjustly and unconditionally removed governor Obi of Anambra state. What did Ojo, the Attorney-General say? Nothing, rather he quickly recognized the newly sworn in governor of Anambra state, Mrs. Etiaba. Again the situation in Plateau state is not encouraging in any way. 8 law makers out of 28 want to impeach a governor. This is ridiculous! Mr. Attorney-General, Nigerians are expecting you to judiciously correct the ugly situation in Plateau state right now or resign your appointment immediately!

Isaac Moses, writing from the United States of America .

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