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More Than Enough Is Too Much Governor Mu'azu!

A long time ago, I was on guard to stop children from playing on the trips of sand bought by my father for building a new four bedroom flat to accommodate us and put a stop to the harassment of a ‘sting’ called land-lord. Good of a son Isn’t it? But my grand father who was around for medical treatment stopped me instead and made a prophetic statement; he told me to be aware of sand that children do not play on when my time to build comes. I looked at them as destroyers or enemies of progress as you may prefer to call them.

The late old papa was fond of proverbs and idiomatic expressions. I seem not to comprehend his wisdom when he said to me “a thief thinks every man steals” or “all are not thieves whom the dog bark at”. At another occasion, out of ‘ignorance’ I began to hate my grand-pa, when on my way to school he told me “may your ways be rough” – meaning; safe journey. I was quick to pick offence thinking he had wished me bad. He had equally taught me that “only men who have no care for the future have sorrows for the present". Perhaps there could not be a better time to understand those sayings than now. What exactly do I mean by this? Democracy has brought about freedom of speech, but some pessimists have turned it to “demo – crazy”. As early as 2000, they pretended using the then APP platform to accuse the amiable personality of governor Muazu of practicing “a neo-military command structure” (Weekly Trust of 6 – 12 October 2000 pg 29 – 30) that reminds me of 29th May, 1999 in his inaugural speech, as the 13th governor of Bauchi State, he started by condemning the old cankerworm of politics of tri-chotomy in the state and spoke harshly about indolent self-centered people. It was in response to their fabricated lies and fatuous ironically paid write-ups that compelled me to write back using same channel. (weekly trust 20 – 26 October 2000 pg 17) captioned “weekly trust is being corrupted by politicians” being a resident of Bauchi and most importantly as a proud and true citizen of Nigeria who would not like others misinformed, I’m writing again to trace the positive. Those wolves in sheep's clothing never see anything right in true governance administered by governor (Dr) Ahmad Adamu Muazu (Walin Bauchi). They keep chameleoning by using different names, forms and channels all in the name of “concerned citizens of Bauchi” to disdain his person and personality. On another occasion, they petition the government of financial improprieties, inflation of contract sums and illegal diversion of funds, citing non-existent documents and in some cases, legislated or due-process followed documents as proofs or exhibits. When the economic and financial crime commission (EFCC) investigated the series of petition/allegations filed before her dated 12th October, 2005; 20th October, 2005; 27th October, 2005; 18th November, 2005; 28th November, 2005 and 04th January, 2006, they declared it as a campaign of calumny and gave governor Muazu’s transparent and due-process lead administration a canonical status. Subsequently, these retrogressive writers further wrote an open letter to Mr. President as published in daily trust of Wednesday July 5th 2006 pg 34 on the same issues.  Having approached the helm of Nigerian affairs, one begin to wonder whether they will get to UK (be sponsored abroad) in-search of money laundering evidences. Not quite long ago, in daily trust of 16th August, 2006 to be precise, appeared another open letter to Mr. President, they were on yet another mission, this time it is the road rehabilitation and reconstruction jaundice. But unknown to them, ever since he became governor over Bauchi State, he has put to use his wealth of experience as a fellow of the institute of quantity surveyors (FNIQS), with a masters degrees in construction management as well as construction economics to lower the costs of construction activities and the road rehabilitations in the new-world turned Bauchi which they are crying foul of inflating figures.

The benefits in this case, far outweigh the cost. In my own opinion, I do not believe that politics has to be practiced with such bitterness and blackmail.  When such slanders come to play, it affects our future and causes us great pains. I would have given “concerned citizens” my consent and input if the synergy
does not result to objective ends and if they had constructive criticisms to make against governor Muazu’s led administration than accusing him based on malice and sentiments. As far as I know, most Nigerian – states if not all would love to borrow a leaf from Governor Muazu or better still have him as their chief executive, may be I should have told Nata’ala and Co. to “travel and see” …. That’s when they’ll become more appreciative of the ‘horn’ in them and alleviate their fears. Perhaps, this is an empirical prove that a prophet is not honored in his land.

I humbly recommend my grand-pa’s advice to His Excellency to consider those writers as “ necessary
evils”, they offered themselves to become matching steps to successes, without which he wouldn’t have
reached this far. With the absence of these destroyers or enemies of progress as I have envisaged in my
grand pa’s parable of children and the sand a long time ago, probably, I should have been aware of God’s
blessing on His Excellency myself. (Hassada ga mai rabo taki ne)

A final word to “concerned citizens” is to rally round this state-man of good-will as he puts finishing
touches to the socio-economic transformation of the new Bauchi State and accord him the necessary support he might require towards a greater task ahead, come 2007. My dear “concerned Bauchi citizens” I knew you were born crying, you live complaining and will surely die disappointed except you change your pessimistic approach to life. More than enough is too much! Enough of these write – ups!

Yusuf Daudu
P.O.BOX 1488
Bauch, Bauchi State.

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