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Wail the Beloved Nation!

  By Oladipo Ayodele Olaniyi,  Posted July 27th, 2006

Funsho Williams is murdered! That was the caption that flew into my Microsoft Outlook, it took me about few minutes to know which of the Williams because of so many of them I know, and shiver ran down my spine. I couldn’t believe it when the full implication of who has died dawn on me. I went to the lavatory straight. Just few days ago ,with some of my friends in Houston we have been analyzing what has gone wrong with our Father’s land, for hours we wouldn’t have been no where to come to a general conclusion.

Few weeks ago before I left Nigeria, I have been noticing the poster of the assassinated politician, but the one I remember vividly is “Funsho For Sure”. I can’t just imagine that the man has been wasted just like that. Where are we ending to in Nigeria? After collecting back myself, I just remembered one of the prophecies of my General Overseer that this year is very crucial for the existence of this great nation and I have been asking myself will there be any nation call Nigeria after 2007 election? God just needs to intervene!

My fear now is that will there be no reprisal attacks? This is a very crucial moment, with just barely less than one year to the next transition, God will just be merciful.

Are we not inviting anarchy? Why will some people be so callous to take other peoples life, just because of political positions? Why will men cling to life as if they never thought that a day is coming even when they have the whole world, all they will get at the end of all the sojourning here is just six feet by six feet! They should have asked about Idi Amin, Mobutu Sessesekou, Abacha, Samuel Doe and all the power drunk men of of yester years. They are all dead and power didn’t follow them to the grave! Even some of them died and were buried like dogs.

My heart bleeds because I’m a Nigerian! Why do we practice politics with bitterness? Why do we conduct election with blood of men flowing as sacrifice?

This is a very bad precedence! If men are strangled in the broad day light, barely a year before election, what will happen days before election? So many whys!

I just can believe it. I have decided for personal reasons not to be actively involved in politics, but I can not be passive seeing this happening. What a colossal loss! For two consecutive elections the man had been in the forefront, why not rig him out again this time around instead of wasting is life? By this act his wife have been turn to a widow over night and children have suddenly become fatherless.

God is disgruntled about shedding human blood that is why our nation must watch it. Many of our politicians see politics as life and death. Their ulterior motive is not far fetch to steal our petrol-dollar money and allocations meant for development of each sector of the nation economy. If they are vying for position to improve the condition of the people they claim to represent, it would have been very good. All they are going for is to loot our treasury.

Why will men kill one another in the name of power? I’m trying to steady myself as I’m putting this article together. They should have taken time to read William Shakespeare’s novel,” Macbeth” and see the end of anyone that is power drunk.

They should all remember life doesn’t consist of the abundance of what you have. We have been talking about shortage of human resources, why should we waste experienced people in the race to cling power at all cost. Engineer Anthony Funsho Williams has become a martyr of Nigeria dirty politics. My prayer is that God Almighty will not allow things to degenerate beyond this level.

My heart goes to the family of the late great leader; they should see his death as one of the sacrifices to make in order to have enduring democracy .I know how it pains to lose a loved one, not to talk about circumstances surrounding his death. God Almighty will give them the fortitudes to bear the irreparable loss. To his political group, please I beg you in the name of God to sheath your swords, two wrongs does not make a right. Nigeria is our country; no country is big enough to accommodate us as refugee.

We cannot afford to fight another war; the scar of 1967-1970 is still healing. Let God the righteous judge give to everyman according to what he or she deserves. Vengeance belong unto God, nobody can escape is judgment. Please for the peace of the nation and future of the younger generation like us, bury your hatchets. What is happening in Sudan or Middle East is better imagined than experienced. Let this country not be in the state of anarchy.

My appeal goes to the Federal and Lagos state governments; they should direct the law enforcement agents to fish out the killers. This will help to douse the fire of any misgiving that anybody may be having. It is high time the government really look adequately into the security of her citizenry. A murder case happened in the first week of my staying in U.S.A. the perpetrators were nabbed few days later while trying to cross to Canada. So efficient over here. Government should equip our law enforcement agents so as to be able to deal with security issues promptly. Today is Funsho Williams, nobody knows the next, Bola Ige has gone the same way. Being in government doesn’t immune anyone from assassination attack! It calls for government urgent attention, since it is government jurisdiction to provide adequate security for every citizen of this nation. Government should please look to the state of high insecurity in the country, particularly at this point in time when elections into various offices are close by. If government refuses to do anything now, I doubt if anybody will have the audacity to rule by the time we conclude the transition programme.

To people who are bent on playing God on others by taking their lives at will, they should remember that all will end one day. Nobody stay here for ever at most one hundred and twenty years, the scriptures say,” Hands join to hands; a sinner will not go unpunished”.Also,”but the sinner being an hundred years old will be accursed”. If they have power today, they should know the Ultimate power belongs to the Almighty and anyone one who murdered sleep will not sleep himself. Everyone will give account of what he or she has done on the day of reckoning.

Finally, he that murdered by the swords, shall surely die by the swords. Once again I commensurate with the family of Engineer (Chief) Funsho Anthony Williams and his political associates, God will give us all the fortitude to bear the monumental loss. He has died a heroic death. Leave judgment to God who is the only Just One.

May God help Nigeria!

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  1.  This heinous act is too barbaric!

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