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Fundamentalist Islamic Jihadism: A Critical Analysis
- By Franklin Otorofani

Published  September 7th, 2015

“The human mind is not capable of grasping the Universe. We are like a little child entering a huge library. The walls are covered to the ceilings with books in many different tongues. The child knows that someone must have written these books. It does not know who or how. It does not understand the languages in which they are written. But the child notes a definite plan in the arrangement of the books - a mysterious order which it does not comprehend, but only dimly suspects.” -Albert Einstein, one of the greatest scientists that ever lived.
These indeed are troubling times particularly for those who do not believe in the bliss of ignorance and religiously follow developments locally and globally. It’s hard to keep up with the cascade of developments across the globe alright even for those in the news business. The cheer volume and significance are indeed breathtaking and therefore need to be properly sorted, dissected and processed. Below is a sampling of some of the truly important newsworthy events currently that are shaping our fragile world:

·China-inspired global stock market meltdown reminiscent of the 2008 US-inspired financial market meltdown that helped bring Barack Obama into office, which, by some quirks of fate, appears ready to repeat itself, thus ensuring, at least potentially, that Obama would be going out under a cloud of financial crisis the same way he came in (The DOW is About to Plunge to 6,000! | Economy...);
·Middle-Eastern and North African immigrant deluge crisis in Europe overwhelming EU nations (Austria, Libya count dead as number of migrants ...);
· China’s massive WWII victory parade flexing its newly acquired military muscles hitting the alarm buttons in the US, Japan, Philippines, India, Taiwan, Vietnam, and other neighboring states (China marks 70th V-Day anniversary with spectacular parade (PHOTOS, VIDEO);
· Massive military drills by Russia and China cementing the nascent albeit rapidly developing military alliance between Moscow and Beijing to confront NATO (Shoigu praises Russian-Chinese military cooperation as guarantee of world stability );
· ISIS on the move in Syria destroying historical sites and executing Iraqi captives;
· Hillary Clinton’s drip, drip, “email-gate” revelations by the state department under a federal court order that threaten to torpedo her presidential bid (Obama throwing Hillary Clinton under the bus over Emailgate); on and on, non-stop.
There you have it straight from the Chechen leader. Despite the huge Western propaganda, the Muslim world knows deep down who their real enemies are. They’re not the Taliban, Al-Qaeda or even the murderous ISIS. It’s the West! What evil seeds the West had been sowing these past decades in poor and weak Muslim lands with its so-called, totally gratuitous democracy projects, it is now reaping abundantly, and it is not looking pretty, with desolation and utter chaos now arriving at its doorsteps from the very same Muslim lands it had destabilized and rendered desolate with wars, unmitigated suffering and indescribable, guts-wrenching human misery. The precious blood of those poor migrants who perished at sea while fleeing from war and political crisis in the Middle East created by the West in rickety boats and rafts, is in the hands of Presidents and Prime Ministers G.W. Bush, Tony Blair, Barack Obama, Sarkozy of the West, that had invaded these lands and sponsored the so-called Arab Spring that has turned into Arab Winter-- the same damnable acts they’re busy perpetrating in Ukraine at this very moment.
Therefore, while these events might seem disconnected developments, there exists an underlying internal order and coherence in them that might not be apparent to the average news consumer. In other words, far from being disconnected fortuitous events, these are interrelated global developments, which had been long in the making, simmering barely below the surface, and now bowling over like volcanic eruptions. While I do not necessary do the reporting, I make it my business nevertheless to analyze the news, which is altogether different from reporting it.
To put this in perspective for the benefit of the readership, analyzing, just like reporting the news, could be done objectively or subjectively, or combination of both as the case may be. And it involves discerning patterns, contextualizing, stringing together seemingly disparate but connected strands, shreds and tissues of information here and there; interpreting and imparting into it a certain field of meaning and understanding in a manner that makes sense to the average reader.
“Science without religion is lame. Religion without science is blind.”--Albert Einstein
Religion gives meaning to life without which humanity would be on a voyage to nowhere in particular, but a floating mass of flesh and blood in time and space.
This piece is intended to critically and dispassionately explore in-depth the religious and cultural dimensions of global terrorism in the context of geo-cultural and political struggles between East and West, particularly the Middle East, and the moral infrastructure that undergirds it. I intend to address the combustible subject of religion not thematically as such, but contextually only to the extent however, that it provides the ideological framework for the titanic cultural struggles at hand.
Make no mistake about it: Global terrorism is the violent form of a long simmering East/West cultural rivalry and struggle. It might not sound politically correct to some however, but I will not call night day, and day night, just so I might sound politically correct in the ears of some speech police in the West. I don’t want to be politically correct. I’m not in the least interested in that Western liberal censorship game. All I want is to say it like it is, period, and let the speech police be damned. This understanding of the nature of the struggle immediately puts matters in clearer perspective and so removes the fog that beclouds the subject of global terrorism.
Why religion? Why not? It has to be religion given that there is so much riding on it in the context of the global war on terrorism championed by the West, on the one hand, and the corresponding struggle by the Islamic world in general, on the other, to defend and safeguard its religion and culture from Western cultural imperialism, which has since metasticized and manifested itself violently in the proliferation of low-intensity mini culture civil wars in the heart of the Islamic world today.
Why religion? Why not? It has to be religion due to Western assault on it and the liberal, atheistic, post-religious movement in the West that is shredding the very fabrics of our cultural traditions and turning time honored morality on its head. It has to be religion because morality is the first child of religion and the attack on morality is, by necessary implication, an attack on religion since the one cannot exist without the other, and both must stand or go down together, hence liberals are ferociously attacking them both from both ends. The fall of religion signals the fall of morality and vice versa. We see this happening even today before our very own eyes in the direct correlation between the gradual but steady weakening of religion and the consequential corresponding gradual but steady weakening of morality.
These frontal attacks on religion and morality are at the root of global terrorism. And for Muslims in particular, an attack on Islam is an attack on their very essence and way of life because unlike compartmentalized Christianity in the West, Islam is everything for Muslims in the Middle East. It’s therefore essentially a resistance movement, which, unfortunately and most regrettably, has been poorly articulated and crudely executed, too—in fact, tainted and delegitimized by the sheer savagery and hideousness of global terrorism directed at the vulnerable, not the culprits. By relying solely on crude and primitive methodologies in execution on vulnerable innocent victims devoid of philosophical and intellectual contents, the resistance has greatly undercut its own legitimacy. What has an innocent school child got to do with the atrocities of the West committed against Arab nations and Islam?
Of course liberals would rather we did not connect the dots to establish these underlying linkages. And in their desire to destroy these linkages, which many discerning minds have already established, there are those in the liberal world who would want to reduce global terrorism to just another species of common crimes for the regular law enforcement apparatus to handle. It’s a well-worn tactic of deflection known to war strategists in all climes. But the deflection tactic cannot work under the prevailing circumstances and sooner or later cruel reality will dawn on the West, and that is if it has not already happened as you read this, in Europe.  
Such individuals, or if you like, school of thought, see nothing extraordinary in it and therefore go to great lengths to minimize and downplay the threat, as was in fact, the case when back in 2014, President Obama, out of a desire to tamp down expectation of US military action against then Iraq-invading ISIS, belittled and summarily dismissed ISIS as “JZ team” not deserving of his administration’s attention even as the former Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri Maliki was desperately pleading for US military assistance and/or direct intervention to stop ISIS.
“And, as I indicated before -- and I want to make sure that everybody understands this message -- the United States is not simply going to involve itself in a military action in the absence of a political plan by the Iraqis that gives us some assurance that they're prepared to work together. We're not going to allow ourselves to be dragged back into a situation in which while we're there we're keeping a lid on things and, after enormous sacrifices by us, as soon as we're not there, suddenly people end up acting in ways that are not conductive to the long-term stability and prosperity of the country,” said Obama in a press briefing.
Thus while concerned and jittery Americans, particularly conservative Republicans, were itching for military action to take out ISIS in Iraq during its invasion of the territory, in the same manner President Bush Snr. drove out Saddam Hussein from Kuwait in Operation Desert Storm back in 1991, not one timid, girly liberal in the US wanted the US to intervene militarily and secure the hard won peace in Iraq, which had been bought with US blood and treasures under President G.W. Bush.
This ought to be the moral duty of the United States as a nation and an occupying power in Iraq regardless of the acknowledged demerits of the criminal invasion by Bush, who by the way should be hauled in handcuffs before the War Crime Tribunal in The Hague together with Tony Blair, his pooch, in the first place, rather than the Sudanese or Kenyan President Bashir and Kenyatta, respectively.
The West uses The Hague to fight its enemies in the third world but gives a pass to the atrocities and war crimes committed by its own. Today, Bush and Blair, who are jointly and severally responsible for genocide and war crimes in Iraq, are free men living in peace while Bashir is a hunted man. How could it be that these men are walking free and nowhere close to the War Crimes Tribunal when others from weak and poor developing countries with lesser crimes are being hunted down?
And not until ISIS began its beheading of British and American journalists and pressure built upon on the administration to do something that Obama was dragged literally screaming to reluctantly send some 300 or so “military advisers” to Iraq.
Today, IS caliphate is a fait accompli. And that speaks volumes for the types of timid leaders the West has been saddled with. They could not even defend their own victory in Iraq after the dusts settled. They set Muslim nations on fire and then run away, abandoning the people to their fate. And as goes Iraq so goes Libya and Syria. This time around though the fire is pursuing them back right into their own backyards in Europe as witnessed in the deluge of refugees from the war zones created by the West streaming across the oceans dividing them into the very heart of Europe. Oh yes, the chickens are now coming home to roost, and the poisonous arrows they recklessly and callously shot into the Middle-East are returning back home to consume them right there in their homes. (see Western-made refugee crisis).
Western liberals are in denial. So when back in 2009, for example, a lone-wolf Islamic terrorist, Maj. Nidal Hasan goes on rampage in a US Fort-Hood army barracks mowing down 13 of his fellow soldiers in cold blood while screaming “Allah Akbar!”, the timid Obama administration would rather officially designate it as “work place violence” just like every other one in America occurring every other week, rather than the “Islamic terrorism” or to the like description by which it is known and called world-wide even by Islamic political leaders in Arab nations.
It’s an act of political correctness to deny the clear Islamic link which the terrorist themselves have clearly established. The Charlie Hebdo Cartoon inspired terrorist attack in France was also treated as work place violence by the administration which was conspicuously absent when world leaders descended on Paris to show solidarity with France drawing scathing criticisms against the administration for seemingly boycotting the event.
When a raving terrorist shouts “Allah Akbar!” before, during or after committing an act of terror, or failing such implicating utterance, some Islamic terrorist organization somewhere later claims responsibility for the act, and that individual happens to be a Muslim, the religious connection is ipso facto established in the absence of other evidence to the contrary. The act speaks for itself. There is no beating about the bush and pretending otherwise by any administration desperately seeking to push a different make-believe narrative carefully tailored to suit its own- political agenda, which is at odds with simple logic and commonsense. A political narrative that seeks to deny reality recognized by the entire world is dumb and laughable and could only proceed from a distorted world view by liberal mind.
Creature of the West
For the avoidance of doubts, global terrorism spawned by global Islamic jihadism, is not a “work place violence” as the Obama administration would have us believe, but an asymmetrical warfare directed against the enemy, supporters, friends and its sympathizers around the globe. To not recognize this and deal with this reality appropriately is to play the proverbial Ostrich burying its head in the sands. It amounts to criminal negligence and dereliction of duty warranting impeachment.
An administration that would not recognize threats and present danger to the security of its nation does not deserve a day longer in office and ought to be sent packing. But we all know that will not happen because the Obama administration is pretending to be fighting global terrorism, when in reality, it is not but creating and helping it all along. The weapons used by ISIS to establish its so-called caliphate in Syria and Iraq belong to the US and several of its fighter cadres have, one way or another received training from the US counter insurgency operations in Syria and other locations in the Middle East, including, in all probability, the UAR.
When the Obama administration decided to surreptitiously put together, train, arm, and equip certain of the anti-Assad terrorist groups in Syria for the express purpose of overthrowing the government, which it still does till today as if willfully blind to reality, it walked right into a den of lions and many of those groups have turned back to bite it in its rear end. ISIS and the other terrorist groups, which graduated from that terrorist university established by the West are therefore creatures of the West with the fingerprints of the Obama administration, in particular, written all over them. Similarly, when the West nurtured terrorists masquerading as human rights pro-democracy activists and sponsored so-called “Arab Spring”, spreading chaos and bloodshed all over the Middle East, and then decided to invade Libya to help them gain power, it stepped into a minefield of terrorist groups vying for power and control. And as they say, the rest is history. And now it is reaping what it sowed.
With that said, global terrorism, which has resulted from this culture clash, is not just impacting the West and the Middle East, which are the direct antagonists, but the entire world, including poor and struggling dovish Africa that offers no offense whatsoever to anybody, yet nevertheless bears disproportionate burdens of foreign wars to seriously undermine her economic growth and development.
The list is endless, literally from Cape to Cairo: Kenya, Eritrea, Egypt, Morocco, Sudan, Somalia, Nigeria, Cote-d’Ivoire, Chad, and others have been sucked into the vortex of violence not of their own making. Africa is paying probably the biggest price for someone else’s culture wars in blood and treasures, further exacerbating her already poor economic conditions. And guess what, no one is complaining in Africa because African leaders are busy doing dumb, dumb!
This is why this issue must be addressed now because this is not Africa’s war to fight. And it is not Africa’s war to win or lose either. This is the West’s war to fight, win or lose, because it had thoughtlessly and inadvertently created it, and now turning back to bite its behind and dragging the whole world into it just like in previous two world wars. The world must recognize this pattern of provocative and dangerous behavior by the West and address it before it drags the world into yet another world war. And more to the point: the very idea of African leaders, including Nigeria’s Muhammadu Buhari, going up there with outstretched arms, cap-in-hand, to the West begging for arms to fight the war on terror now in their backyards, is embarrassing and nauseating, to say the least.
This timid, beggarly attitude must stop. When will African leaders man up for a change? When will they begin to push African interests and demands on the global agenda. Next century? They played the beggar’s role throughout the 20th century and refused to give it up in the 21st century? This is why nobody respects or reckons with them. How could they be respected when they have turned themselves willfully and voluntarily into charitable objects and client states of the West? That’s why African nations can be invaded by the West at will and walk away from them in flames as in Libya, leaving broken nations and their wreckages behind for timid African leaders to clean after them all alone by themselves. And that is why Africa is still invisible and derogatorily called the dark continent.
Can you imagine the US VP, Joe Biden, referring to Africa as a “nation”? And believe it or not, VP Joe Biden is not alone. If a VP could not tell a nation from a continent how do you think ordinary Americans would fare on that? Dumb, dumb!
Many in the US think Africa is a country, rather than a continent. Without excusing their ignorance, African leaders are partly responsible for this in that they’re not asserting themselves forcefully on the global arena as much as they should in representing their countries. And believe it or not their timid, low-key, inconsequential diplomacy is making their nations pretty much invisible to the rest of the world and individual African nations appear to the outside world as ordinary states or provinces of Africa, rather than distinct countries just like their continental European, American or Asian counterparts.
Now, here is the deal: Africa should collectively be aggressively demanding robust compensation from the West for the monumental damages suffered by Africa in the war against terrorism by the West. Leaders of global terrorism-impacted African nations should not be begging and pleading but demanding arms and other supplies from the West as of right and entitlement, not beggarly handouts, because Africa is fighting its wars on African soil with African blood and treasures.
Nigeria alone has lost more than the US, Canada and the entire Europe combined lost in the battlefields and terrorist attacks since September 11th, 2011, when it all began. Boko Haram, which has pledged allegiance to ISIS, is a fallout of the culture wars between the West and the Arab world and its brutalities are decidedly un-African. Africa has to carry the can for the West in this anti-terrorism struggle?
There is no other legitimate way to describe this unless we are not sincere to ourselves; decide to pretend otherwise, and turn our backs on the truth rather than stand for it even if it is not politically correct, inconvenient or otherwise inexpedient for us to do so. In the hands of the detached seeker, however, the truth is not encumbered and therefore suffers no such considerations, constraints, or restrictions. It demands of us its ventilation unvarnished without fear or favor.
Now, flowing underneath this global landscape of mini-culture wars like the hot lava of a menacing volcano about the erupt, is the roaring current of religion. Whether you believe in it or not, practice it or not, recognize it or not, defend it or not; religion is the single most potent force in the world that control’s men’s actions and inactions, as the case may be. Unlike the cold, drab and impersonal science, religion is a combo of emotional and spiritual attachment to a higher cause that it is at once personal and universal at the same time, extending beyond the present earthly experience to life in the hereafter.
In other words, it is serviceable to the present as the ultimate moral compass, and also as an investment in the afterlife. It is therefore fitting that we start off this inquiry with religion in general terms before zeroing in on its subset of global Islamic jihadism, which, as we are all too familiar with, is the rave of the moment.
Peace Options
The important question that faces humanity, which may well determine its fate as a whole relates to how best religion can be managed and practiced co-existentially and peacefully in a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and multi-religious world with each legitimately vying for a place under the sun. And while I do not pretend to have all the answers, the one place to start, in my considered opinion, is the recognition of the equality of all cultures, ethnicities, races, and yes, all religions by whatever names called, and the unfettered and unconditional freedoms to practice same peacefully and respectfully, recognizing the due rights of others to do the same.
Bearing this in mind, it is most regrettable and unacceptable, for example, for the French government, or any other Western government for that matter, to deny Muslim women their religious and cultural rights to wear veil over their faces as prescribed by their religion. It is not the business of any government to dictate how individuals should dress in public provided it is not offensive to public decency, which by the way, is not a strong suit of the West. I’m singling out the West on this, because to my knowledge and understanding, that is the only region in the world this is happening as of now.
Not every culture permits women, or men for that matter, to walk half naked with boobs spilling out and butts hanging out in the streets as in the West. If any group needed to be censured for indecent and offensive dressing modes, it would not be the decent, self-respecting Muslim women but their Western counterparts that throw caution to the winds and flaunt their abused and debased bodies provocatively in public and yet scream their heads off when they get raped by recidivistic male predators who couldn’t care less about cooling off their heels in jail for a while and get right back to commit even more of the same crimes.
You don’t have to go far for evidence of indecent dressing in the West which draw no censure from public authorities but rather given a free reign. Just take a look at what some women in New York City are doing today in the popular Times Square, going topless and barring their boobs before tourists for tips in broad daylight. And while they’re at it, taking a fling at oral sex with tourists! I kid you not. This is the new form of prostitution just invented by liberal feminist reprobates, just like the same-sex marriage; organized and operated by an equally degenerate male exploiting women’s bodies for his own gains, that both the ultra-liberal NYC Major and state governor are threatening to shut down. How’s that for equality, uh?
These phony, disgusting liberal government officials created this licentious environment that encourages and promotes immoral behaviors by moral degenerates and call them civil rights. Well, that’s what new civil rights look like, and the topless women in Times Square are laying claim to them. This is what Obama’s fundamental transformation looks like and the social degenerates can’t seem to have enough of it as they get creative at the cutting edge of immorality by stretching the envelope beyond limits. These are the types of characters that need to be tamed and put in check for the sake of public morality and decency, not decent Muslim women in the West, who happen to dress differently, culturally.
Well you could say America has, in the final analysis, always been about the almighty dollar, and as long as the half nude, bare-breasted women bring tourists to Times Square to be entertained by their bodies, is all well and good. And all the phony, make-believe, protests by the governor and Mayor will fizzle out quietly when dollars start rolling in from the nudo-tourism, (you read it here first). What more evidence of a godless nation can you have than these, coupled with the cold, sadistic butchering of unborn babies in their mothers’ wombs and selling their body parts in the black market—all in the name of “Planned Parenthood” and “women’s right to choose”? The West has cases to answer, if not before man certainly before God, no question about it. This is worse than Biblical Sodom and Gomora that brought utter destruction on the land. It is the beginning of the end.
I can assure you that NYC and state’s departments of finance are quietly creating a new budgetary subhead estimates for the revenues to be derived from nudo-tourism the same way they did for so-called medical marijuana sales, which has now been clinically exposed in new studies as of little benefits if at all to pain sufferers, and of course, so-called same-sex marriage licenses by the former Mayor Michael Bloomberg and present Governor Andrew Cuomo. With cold and mechanical indifference, they not only legalize but dutifully bake into budgetary estimates revenues from long recognized immoral acts so long as they bring in the almighty dollars into their state coffers and buy votes! That’s all that counts, not morality.
Back to France: Bottom line is, no nation has the right to admit aliens to its territory voluntarily and thereafter proceed to order them to discard and leave their culture and traditions behind in their home countries and assume an alien one to which they’re not in any way or manner related nor familiar with by any stretch of the imagination. The West cannot be blowing hot and cold at the same time—purporting to be promoting cultural diversity and restricting cultural practices. Cultural differences and diversities can only enrich not impoverish a nation.
When a nation voluntarily admits aliens into its jurisdiction, it admits the totality of the aliens; physically, culturally and otherwise, not just their physical persons leaving their cultures behind as black slaves were compelled to do in the Americas. It admits the whole person because a man cannot be separated from his culture and if that happens would amount to an act of cultural violence perpetrated on the victims.
The West must therefore be told in clear and unambiguous terms, that aliens are not slaves and must therefore be treated as human beings as they are at the time of entry, not as they ought to be in the eyes of their host nation, entitled to the preservation and defense of their cultural traditions that define them as distinct individuals with a distinct history and culture different from those of their hosts. Cultural assimilation is not and cannot be decreed and imposed on aliens.
The French example cited above, which has been codified in French law, amounts to a flagrant abuse of religious freedom of Muslims and a mockery of multi-culturalism, which the West purports or claims to be championing. The logic of multi-culturalism dictates the defense and preservation of all cultures existing side by side within the same jurisdictions, not a world away from one another.
French colonial policy of assimilation has no place whatsoever in the modern world where cultural pluralism is to be celebrated and protected. I think France should borrow a leaf from the United States because when it admits immigrants it admits them warts and all. Better not to admit them in the first place than reject a part of them after they had been brought in and welcomed in with “open hands” before the cameras only for them to be afterwards subjected to personal indignities.
This necessarily imposes a duty on the West to forthwith desist from its subversive so-called democracy and culture projects around the world and keep its democracy and culture to itself. If they’re so good and desirable, others will shop for and buy them voluntarily, just like any other ordinary goods and services without the West resorting to sponsorship of political destabilization plots abroad. There will be no peace in the world until the West recognizes and imbibes the value of multi-culturalism and its critically important political component of cultural-nationalism.
It’s alright to condemn global terrorism as weapon of cultural defense and preservation, but it is not alright to willfully ignore the causes. It is alright to fight the symptoms of the disease, but it is not alright to ignore its root causes and concentrate all our resources on fighting the symptoms leaving unattended and unaddressed the underlying conditions and causes.
The tendency of the West to always go after symptoms with a sledge hammer and ignoring the underlying conditions and causes as it does in medicine and pretty much everything else, has to change. That’s why it never gets any problem truly solved but papers over the cracks and gets by with superficial solutions that never last and solve nothing in the end. This appears to a fundamental cultural weakness of the West. It’s always pursuing symptoms rather than causes. This attitude is in full display in the US as you read this.
This, of course, provides neither explanation nor justification for the barbaric and exceedingly cruel and sadistic methods employed by militants to prosecute their Jihad nor of the Jihad itself, but points the way forward for the peaceful resolution of the conflict which has engulfed the entire world in flames. Conflict resolution demands that the West sits down with militants either directly or through their proxies and representatives in a global forum preferably at the UN to state their respective cases and seek common grounds. At the end of the day of what use is the UN if it cannot broker peace between the Christian West and Islamic Middle East? The fact that the West has been bribing and buying loyalty of corrupt Arab governments with handouts should not blind it to the reality that it is deeply hated in the Arab world as evidenced in PEW research opinion polls in the Middle East.  
This is even more compelling since the West appears to have run out of solutions, including military as evidenced in the current refugee crisis in Europe. If they could summon up courage to do this as in the Iran nuclear negotiations, for example, they might learn something from each other, find common grounds, and learn to share this planet with other cultures peacefully and respectfully together. To do this the West must first of all shed its primitive predatory stone age instincts of previous generations, which are unsuited for the modern times we live in.
Theological Irreconcilables?
I have only adverted my mind momentarily in the preceding paragraphs to the political dimensions of the culture wars, leaving out the theological aspects. This would appear to be the easy part to rid our world of fear of both local and global terrorism. The hard part is the theological implications of the political solution. What happens when a religion imposes a duty on its adherents to convert others to it, sometimes forcefully? And what happens when there is resistance to forceful conversion or attempts thereof? What happens when a religion imposes a duty on its followers to proselytize and take the gospel to all corners of the globe? And furthermore, what happens when a religion claims to be the only true way to God?
Does that not automatically invalidate and delegitimizes all other religions and lays the ground for inter-religious conflict? Where does that leave peaceful traditional religions that bother nobody but mind their own business? But wait: do these religions actually compel their followers to lay claim to superiority and forceful conversion or it’s the interpretation placed on their scriptures and teachings?
I could go on and on ad-infinitum, but the point has been made. What part of religion is dispensable or indispensable for state regulation for the purpose of peaceful co-existence with one another in a multi-cultural settings and/or environment? These are all pertinent questions having direct bearing on the culture wars, and theologians surely have their work cut out for them. However, do not expect me to weigh in with high-sounding theology, bearing on the conflict under reference if only because I’m no theologian, and I don’t pretend to be one.
This is where I must yield to other more qualified religious authorities to weigh in and lead the way in the marrying of the political and theological components into one actionable whole. Why should I yield at this point when no one is stepping forward to bell the proverbial cat? It’s because I’m only laying the groundwork here and not interested in offering superficial solutions not grounded on fundamentals of religion. What do I know about Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism, Judaism, and the rest of the isms, or for that matter, African Traditional Religions, other than to spell and pronounce them right? What do I know about their founders, history, and teachings? Pretty little, I dare to confess.
Now here is the crux of the matter: Is it correct, for example, for the followers of one religion to mock, belittle, denounce and delegitimize the teachings of another religion or even go so far as declare war on it? I don’t know for sure, and that goes for billions of people around the globe who know just a little or nothing at all of the other religions. This is a very complex matter that I cannot even begin to address on my own given, and I doubt if anyone individual or body has the solutions.
I’m therefore compelled by the rigorous, yet salutary, demands of intellectual honesty, utmost integrity and total humility—cherished timeless values and virtues in general, which regrettably, are so much in short supply these days of supreme arrogance in our make-believe world of liberal diktat, imposed from on high on lesser mortals with incredible idealistic, self-righteous sanctimony, to confess my abject limitations in theological disputations and pontifications of the times—yes our time.
Suffice it to state however, that I’m not entirely new to religion in its ordinary signification, understanding and practice, because I’m in truth, a deeply religious person by nature, which to mean a believer and follower of a systematized pathway to divinity, salvation and redemption and, more importantly, personal relationship with God with apologies to none; goodwill and well-wishes to all men, nonetheless, as God’s creatures with all their foibles, vulnerabilities, strengths and weaknesses, virtues and vices.
Much as I would have like to, my theological limitations preclude me from approaching this subject from a theological but purely intellectual standpoint stripped of unnecessary off-putting jargons. A little acquaintance with history would reveal that militant Islamic fundamentalism is as old as Islam itself--in fact it is the birthmark of the religion of Islam itself which has defined it to date. Unlike the humble and timid origins of Christianity and other religions, the Islamic religion was forged in the Arabian desert by its founder, Holy Prophet Muhammed and his bands of warriors, in battlefields with the edge and tip of the sword on chariots, which has remained its constant companion, the only change being the addition of modern weaponry and gadgetry, ironically the very things it seems to be condemning today as Western.
Islam did not conquer the Middle East, Asia, Africa and large chunks of Europe in the past by being dovish and peace-loving, or for that matter, by preaching "moderation" and "tolerance." It did it through brutal and unrestrained militancy and Puritanism. And so was Christianity, too, at a later stage to be honest with ourselves as the Holy Bible, no less the Holy Koran, was followed by the smoking sword to spread Christianity and Western civilization in colonial territories—a civilization, it must never be forgotten, that laid false claim to racial superiority, which found one of its most horrendous expressions in Nazism in Hitler's Germany. And even to this day, Western gunboat diplomacy draws its inner justification from this arrogant, dubious and utterly discredited claim of racial superiority over others.  
Regardless of their origins religious puritanism is a common denominator for most religions whether it is Hinduism, Sikhism, Judaism, Shintoism, Islam, Christianity, or good old albeit fragmented African traditional regions, which carry a dizzying array of confusing nomenclatures begging for some form of standardization, for crying out loud, as prelude to inevitable African cultural revival as the current global movement for multi-culturalism takes firm hold.
The very idea of multi-culturalism so far as it relates to religion is an existential threat to both Islam and Christianity, two of the most proselytizing religions that claim superiority over others, because it compels the due recognition and co-existence of all religions without which there can be no true cultural diversity or multi-culturalism. Culture cannot be complete without its wellspring of animating religion. It is the wellspring of culture from which all other cultural elements flow. A foreign religion dictates and imposes a foreign culture on a given people in bondage, which is totally disruptive and destructive to the spiritual, mental, social and economic wellbeing of the victimized people, creating split cultural personalities as Africa is experiencing today.
“To your tents oh Israel!” is therefore a battle cry that will reverberate in all nooks and crannies of the globe as the world frees itself from the choke hold and death grip of Western cultural imperialism that has completely ravaged and despoiled whole nations and continents. A point has been reached where people are rising up to defend and protect their cultural heritage because culture defines a people as distinct humans and an imposed foreign culture defines a people in bondage.  
Religion is the pathway to the supernatural and its development and adoption involve both spiritual and practical elements. History teaches in this regard that a belief system requires a combination of both soft and hard power to grow and conquer, and both Islam and Christianity are not any different in that regard than socialism/communism in their modus operandi for growth and development. And, dare I say, for their defense and preservation, too. Who then will cast the first stone?
Christianity enjoins its followers to spread the “word” to every city, town, village and hamlet throughout the world and convert heathens to Christ. Islam barged onto the scene and violently snatched that right from Christianity and went further to delegitimize Christianity itself as a yesterday’s old school religion unworthy of existence let alone respect and acceptance. Sounds familiar? Sure does. It’s the same way Christianity had treated African Traditional Religion, which it had set out to utterly destroy without a trace. Islam is now administering its own medicine on it by destroying Christianity from within together with its revered shrines and artefacts, because history repeats itself and what goes around comes around. That is the abiding lesson of history.
Religious co-existence mutually and permanently destroys the declared singular most important objective of both Islam and Christianity to convert the world to their respective faith. It’s my considered opinion therefore that the goal of peaceful religious co-existence, while desirable, is ultimately a pipe dream and mirage in a world riddled with ideological and mercantilist competition in which all assets and advantages are brought to bear.
Thus the present deadly rivalry between Islam and Christianity will continue unabated and even intensified to be settled ultimately at the battlefront—Islam’s familiar territory. And as the West recedes economically, politically, militarily and yes culturally, Christianity will yield its place to Islam as the de facto even if not de jure global religious authority, Vatican or no Vatican. That fate is already sealed and waiting to be delivered in due course with the sword of Islam clearing the path of thorns and thistles and leading the way to Islam’s global domination.  
How so? Hold your breath for the unpalatable bitter truth. Here is how: While Christianity has long lost its teeth and in consequence, fast dying out as you read this, Islam has not only sharpened its, but has, in fact, grown more and better teeth, in fact fangs, to consequentially become the single fastest growing religion in the world, right on course to summarily displace Christianity in its home base in the very heart of Europe and thereafter impose Islamic culture on Europa! And all you have to do to come to this conclusion is to follow the trend lines.
According to the Pew Research Center Islam will break even with Christianity currently the dominant religion globally by 2050 and eclipsing it by 2070 to become the world’s preeminent dominant global religion. The report states that “As of 2010, Christianity was by far the world’s largest religion, with an estimated 2.2 billion adherents, nearly a third (31 percent) of all 6.9 billion people on earth...”, and “Islam was second with 1.6billion adherents, or 23 percent of global population.” However, with Islam projected growth rate of 73 percent against Christianity’s 35 percent both will attain growth parity in 2050. According to the report breakdown:
· In the U.S. Christianity will decline to claim two thirds of the population, instead of the more than three quarters who claimed the religion in 2010.
· Islam will supplant Judaism as the second-most popular religion in the US.
· India will displace Indonesia as the home of the world’s largest Muslim population, even as the contrary retains its Hindu majority.
· Four out every 10 Christians in the world will live in sub-Saharan Africa.”
Gracious! Can you imagine what you just read above? Four out of every 10 Christians in the world will live in sub-Saharan Africa, not Europe, North America or anywhere else in the West but Africa as Africa becomes the dumpsite for an abandoned religion of the West like some toxic nuclear waste. It is indeed a Western culture waste dumped on Africa. What does that tell African Christians? Does that tell them to cling tenaciously to it until death do them part? Or it tells them to re-evaluate their choices and perhaps return to their cultural roots and rediscover themselves? This is the choice that Africa will be forced to make in the near future because it cannot afford to hold the dirt bag for the rest of the world.
As for Europe and the rest of the West, that choice has already been made a while ago. Islam is currently witnessing such phenomenal growth rate in Europe that the Office of National Statistics (ONS) in Britain projects that Islam will be the dominant religion in the UK in as little as 10 years, that is to say, by the year 2021, mere six years from now. This while the population of Christians is falling precipitously, according to the report, 50% faster than previously estimated.
“In another 20 years there are going to be more active Muslims than there are churchgoers,” gushed Keith Porteous Wood, executive director of the National Secular Society.
Now this is a Westerner, a Briton, for that matter, gleefully anticipating the demise of Christianity, his ancestral religion and the rise of Islam which is a foreign religion in the UK. Christianity is now like the haggard looking old lady that no man wants to date let alone marry. What a cruel fate to befall a once mighty and all-conquering religion that had ruled the world for centuries on end! That it is being rejected by its own should send a clear and unambiguous message to millions of its followers around the world that it’s game up, and to your tents oh Israel!
And what does the Christian community in Britain think of it? Pathetic abject resignation to their fate because Britain has lost its nerve and valor. Putting a brave face on it, they seem unperturbed at the prospects of the ultimate demise of their native religion and the rise of a foreign implant with a sword to chop off its head and kill it right in its own home with no one rising up to protect and defend it. And, if Western Christians know what is good for them, they should join forces with Islam to defeat liberalism, which is their common enemy threatening religions in general, rather than being the pathetic mealy mouths that they have become.
"While this is a challenge, the fact that six out of 10 people in England and Wales self-identify as Christians is not discouraging. Christianity is no longer a religion of culture but a religion of decision and commitment. People are making a positive choice in self-identifying as Christians," said a spokesperson for the Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and Wales told press in December, the report says.
Now that is the language of capitulation and surrender rather than that of a fighter and winner. This is why Christianity is destined to lose and in fact already losing big time in its confrontation with Islam. If Christians know what is good for them, they should strategically join forces with Islam to utterly defeat liberalism, which is their common enemy destroying religions in general, rather than the pathetic mealy mouths they have become. Today, Christianity is suffering from split personality due to its abject capitulation and the compromising stances of its leadership.
To put it in stark terms: liberalism is promoting social engineering projects precisely at a time strict Puritanical Islam helped by the same liberals is on the ascendancy doing quite the opposite and taking it to Europe the land of liberalism and moral debauchery. Both ideologies, far from complementary to each other, are in fact, decidedly at cross purposes and mutually antagonistic even if their purveyors pretend otherwise in their mutual objective of getting rid of Christianity.
Signs that Islam is gaining and will continue to gain the upper hand are written all over Europe and North America where Islam now receives royal treatment where Christianity is unwelcome and barred from royal courts. It is, for all intents and purposes, now relegated to third world religion.  
What an irony of fate that peaceful and tolerant Christianity has fallen victim while Puritanical Islam has become the darling of the Western liberals. What an irony of history. These are interesting and imponderable times indeed which human wisdom alone cannot decipher and unravel. What we can all see and feel though is that Islam is on the move inexorably as if by some invisible power and authority, and there is no stopping it.
There is no stopping it in the Middle and Far East. There is no stopping it in Africa. And there is no stopping it in Europe and North America. There is no stopping it anywhere. Period. Why because there is nobody out there to stop it. Who? The US under tentative, indecisive and wobbly Obama? You wish. Wait after he’s done issuing his last same-sex marriage license, and probably one for himself in the end, who knows? Nobody knows who is who in America anymore as the plague rages on until it is contained and defeated.
Who again? Dying Europe? You’re right. Wait until Greece is bailed out. China, yes after it has finished gobbling up Taiwan and the South and East China Seas? Russia? There you go after President Vladimir Putin is all done embowelling Crimea, Ukraine and the other Western mushroom satellite mini-states around it.
Poor Christians in the United States! What an endangered species! They’re just hanging in there, mumbling and fretting and feeling their way out of the boiling cauldron, and hoping for a day of liberation from the choke hold of immorality and godlessness. For now, however, they’re there but not really there as many have taped their lips to avoid persecution just as in Biblical times when the Apostles huddled together in mortal fear for their dear lives from their persecutors in the formative years of Christianity. That Christian history is fast repeating itself throughout the West. A Christian county clerk, who, in obedience to her religious faith and beliefts, refused to issue same-sex marriage has just been sent to jail in the US, for crying out loud! Christianity is a doomed faith in the West helping Islam to fill the void. Freedom of religion is out the door!
Misguided Religious Fundamentalism?
Which raises the question as to the legitimacy of global Islamic jihadism as manifested principally through Al-Qaeda and ISIS and their respective franchisees. Is Islamic jihadism justified by Western cultural imperialism in the Muslim world? Absolutely not. Two wrongs cannot make a right, and the world cannot replace one evil with another. Is the Muslim world entitled to react, protect and defend its cultural heritage? Absolutely yes. It is in fact its duty and responsibility to do so.
To the extent, therefore, that Islam, as a way of life not just a religion unlike Christianity, believes, rightly or wrongly, that it is defending itself from Western cultural imperialism, it seems clear to me in all fairness, without endorsing its violent methodology, that such defense is entirely legitimate and proper because self-preservation is the first law of nature. Both municipal and international laws recognize the defense of self-defense in conditions of unwarranted aggression even where it results in the death of the aggressor in the hands of the victim.
It goes without mention that every nation, region, people, and culture reserves the right to defend and protect itself from foreign aggression whether it manifests itself physically, philosophically, culturally and otherwise. And Islamic Jihadists are no less qualified than the West in seeking not only to defend and protect, but to project the Islamic culture to the West in the same way as the West does to the Muslim and non-Muslim world. In fact, Russia and China are doing just that to the West at the moment short of direct violence, of course. But the principle of self-determination and self-preservation is the same everywhere as enshrined in the UN Charter itself to which the imperialist West itself is signatory, but chooses to ignore anyways out of pure arrogance and power play at the expense of weak nations and regions of the world.
There’s no overplaying the enormous and unquantifiable damage Western invasions of Muslim nations have inflicted on the Arab world over the last several decades, resistance to which a natural reaction in some fashion would seem appropriate— entirely warranted, and therefore to be reasonably expected. The results are what we’re seeing, not just in civil wars in the Middle East but in the present refugee crisis in Europe. Not even the West can claim ignorance of this anymore, or for that matter, pretend that its actions are for the overall good of the Muslim world.
This, however, does not excuse the wholesale rejection of anything Western, which renders their cause a little dubious and therefore suspicious. What’s more it cannot be excuse for global terrorism. To hold that Western education, medicine, science and technology goods and services are undesirable, as Boko Haram sect claims, is plain stupid and lacks commonsense. How could that be when the vehicles, munitions, communication and entertainment gadgets, cellphones, right down to their boots and underwear come from the West or at least a large portion of them. If they’re all bad and not good for Islam, why buy and use them? If you hate science and technology that much why embrace and use their products? And more importantly, why not produce your own for yourself, rather than be compelled to rely on the hated products of others?
It is fallacious and misguided to rail against “Western education” or “Western medicine” because in truth these things are not strictly Western but global heritage. Science and technology did not exclusively originate in the West or at all. Ditto for technology and modern medicine just to mention but a few disciplines that now seem exclusively Western, but anything but in their origins.
When it’s all said and done, much of what the West has perfected so far, owe their origin to Islamic and other civilizations as Islam was way ahead of the West in several disciplines of which history itself has already dutifully and faithfully unearthed to the glory of Islam and its civilization. Same can be said of other non-Western civilizations as well. So why run away from the fruits of accumulated knowledge of which Islam helped to produce in the past just because it is today perfected and coming from the West? I understand perfectly the morality and cultural arguments of the Jihadists, but not the scientific and technological aspects they’re rejecting as being Western. Both are not one and the same and must therefore be treated separately.
The Jihadists must learn to distinguish science and technology from the immoral and rotten culture of the West especially it relates to sexual licentiousness and perversions and the likes. It’s simple logic. Science and technology, including medicine and the professions have nothing to do with Western moral turpitude and belong to humanity in general, not just the West. Much of the products of science and technology is today coming, by the way, not from the West but from the East, notably China, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan, etc. Thus the West is as much a consumer of the products of science and technology as the rest of the world, a fact that is readily recognized in Western shopping malls filled with imported merchandise from foreign countries.
Therefore, to kidnap 200 innocent school girls on the basis of them receiving “Western education” or blow up innocent people in crowded market places, is, to say the least, psychotic and speaks to a mind controlled by an evil force unworthy of the great Islamic religion itself. I’m not aware, not being a theologian as earlier confessed, that the recognized gatekeepers of the Islamic religion are against science and technology, or for that matter, modern medicine and other western products.
How do you mass murder your own people of the same faith, culture and tradition and claim to be fighting the West? How many Westerners have Boko Haram killed? How many Western interests have they damaged in Nigeria? How many Western embassies and businesses have ISIS destroyed in Iraq, Syria, and Libya? Pretty much none and at best insignificant. They’re killing their own people and destroying their own institutions in the name of fighting the West. How dumb! How do you destroy Mosques and ancient historical Islamic sites and claim to be fighting the West when you’re destroying your own civilization? Incredibly dumb!
It speaks to the incredible intellectual, moral, religious and ideological depravity and poverty of the entire militant Islamic fundamentalist movement. But with the West in retreat and recession, and weak Arab governments in charge, the movement will only prosper in the hands of the cowardly, war-fearing Obamas and Hollandes of the West. That ISIS has succeeded in establishing a so-called Islamic Caliphate right under the nose of President Obama with American tanks, guns and bombs, and an American surrogate leader in Yemen could be forced into exile and his country taken over by Iranian-backed militants, is one of the low points (out of several), of the Obama regime to which history will not be too kind and favorably disposed.
Franklin Otorofani is a Nigerian-trained attorney and public affairs analyst resident in the United States.



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