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Moving Nigeria Forward!

I write in this article as a contribution of my personal thoughts regarding moving Nigeria forward. In other to save time and space l will like to go straight to the various ways by which we can move this great nation forward.

  • President Olusegun Obasanjo being the no. 1 person today has the responsibility to conduct a free and fair election. This can only be done if he comes out and humbly tell the nation those things he has done wrong and ask for forgiveness on them. To err is human and to forgive is divine. He should be totally (100%) sincere with all government policies and their executions.

  • Awareness must be created among the common man on the streets that most of the present and past leaders of this nation do not love them and so if they give them money or material things to win their vote, they should take the money and vote according to their conscience. They should keep vigil over the counting of votes-if necessary with weapons to defend themselves.

  • The present revelation between the president and his vice should be allowed to go on (that is, if both of them will tell us of the billions and not just few millions) because at the end of it, Nigeria and majority of Nigerians will benefit with the very few corrupt ruling class ending up as losers.

  • This is the time the press needs to seriously identify with the common people of Nigeria for they will be doing themselves and the unborn generation a lot of good if they rigorously expose corrupt people ruling us at all tiers of government.

  • This is no more "if you cannot beat them join them", but if you cannot beat them, confuse them, scatter them and disorganise them.

Tunde Onadipe



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