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Evil Portents of the Buhari-Obama Romance (Bromance) for Nigeria
By Franklin Otorofani

Published July 19th, 2015

Nigeria’s newly minted leader, Muhammadu Buhari is due in Washington, DC on a pre-planned official visit Monday July 20th 2015, and reports have it that President Barack Obama is rolling out the red carpets to receive the august visitor. Buhari is said to be coming to Washington with the traditional begging bowl filled with a shopping list of assistance topped off ostensibly by trade and terrorism issues.

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These are the ones for public consumption, however. What about the ones left unmentioned—perhaps too toxic to be revealed publicly? Who knows what else is in the cards? Let me warn straight away as the protesting Kenyan youths did a while ago, that Buhari should steer clear of Obama’s immoral social engineering agenda just as the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, did just this last week when she declared point blank—no mincing words like some other European liberal politicians—that she believed marriage is between a man and a woman, no ifs and buts.

That sacred institution of marriage would not be compromised and redefined to accommodate and glorify sin. In Africa and indeed the Middle East, which is the birthplace of Islam, it is carved in rock, and I would imagine that Buhari, a devout Muslim, should know this better than anybody else, for him to shoot down any such suggestion from Obama.

In diplomatic circles, however, the trip has been billed as a reset of relations between Nigeria and the United States which has been less than warm under the previous Jonathan administration, much like the US/Russia reset gone burst under Obama, and for good reasons too. Which is all well and good on the face of it, save for the following observations deserving of critical examination by all who love Nigeria and Africa, and cherish the supremacy, inviolability and non-negotiability of her ageless and priceless cultural traditions and heritage over and above anything else:

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1. It’s a fact that the previous Jonathan administration had on its own volition invited US military to assist their Nigerian counterparts in the counter-terrorism/counter-insurgency operations in the nation against the rampaging Islamic militants to check their bloody campaigns against innocent civilian populations. While at it, however, it would appear then as now, that the Obama administration was more interested in civil rights issues, the types it is doggedly pursuing in the United States itself, including gay marriage, than the fight against the Boko Haram insurgency. Under the guise of military assistance, the Obama administration sought to meddle in the internal affairs of Nigeria and spoke out through his Secretary of State, John Kerry against Nigeria’s passage of anti-gay legislation, which like most in African countries, including Obama’s ancestral Kenya, criminalized same-sex marriage. Of course the Jonathan administration, just like the Kenyan government, rightly rebuffed the immoral gestures. This action set off the Jonathan Goodluck administration on a collision course with the meddlesome immoral Obama regime.

2. Using alleged human rights abuses in the war against Boko Haram insurgency, therefore, the US government denied the Nigerian administration military hardware, including drones upon request. Eventually the Nigerian government had no choice but to kick the US military advisers out and sought military assistance elsewhere notably from the Chinese who responded positively of course, and swiftly, too with no strings attached. This is the admirable model of Chinese and Russian diplomacy as opposed to the Western model of bullying, and stick and carrot approach. Needless to state that the Chinese military assistance together with redoubled efforts by the Nigerian military before and after the general elections witnessed major successes recorded against Boko Haram without US assistance. Those celebrated successes are now in jeopardy, in fact, being revised under the new Buhari administration, which had based its entire campaign on ending the insurgency decisively, hence this ill-advised trip to Washington DC. Little did we know that Buhari was counting on Obama to do it for him all along rather than relying on the largest army on the continent to do it.

3. With that said, Buhari was the sole beneficiary of the bad blood between Presidents Jonathan and Obama; drawing on Obama’s political machine during the last presidential election to gain power. It was no coincidence that both candidate Buhari and Obama were singing the same tune of civil rights abuses by the Jonathan administration in the war against terror. How is it that the Obama administration that has been using drones to carry out extra-judicial executions and bombing campaigns against civilian targets in Afghanistan, Yemen, and Iraq, which had wiped out whole families and parts of villages for which it had been secretly paying compensation to victims’ families be running its mouth about Nigeria’s human rights abuses in the fight against Boko Haram? So called drone precision bombing turned out not to be all that precise after all. Or was it? This is the pot calling the kettle black and Jonathan wouldn’t take it from this morally challenged pretend leader. Obama’s extra-judicial killings of the innocents, including at least one American citizen, using drones in the US anti-terror campaign has drawn scathing criticisms from human rights groups and others, both in the US and around the world. On what moral grounds does he stand then in criticizing the Jonathan administration?

4. If President Buhari respects himself, his office and the nation, as the leader of the Africa’s largest economy and nation, he should sit his behind down at home and do his damn job. Nigeria fought a bitter and blood civil war for three years without running to anyone for assistance. It is way too early in the day to be gallivanting abroad in the name of seeking military assistance for what is clearly a “Thank You” trip to Washington in return for Obama’s assistance in getting himself elected to power. Bluntly stated, Buhari is paying homage to Obama, which is utterly disgusting and distasteful for any self-respecting leader of his age, experience and accomplishments. Obama is not qualified to be Buhari’s aide-de camp. But here we are with Buhari paying homage passed off as official visit to discuss state matters, which even if true is secondary to the real reason. Whatever he gets from Obama will come with-gay strings attached in secret—not to be revealed to the public due to the uproar it might create at home. And he’s doing this when he is yet to establish his government with ministerial and other critical appointments pending almost two whole months after taking over power. This man wasted two months lamenting and crying about meeting “an empty treasury” purportedly, albeit with prompt push back from the previous government detailing how much he was handed and the following week he’s sharing billions of naira to cash-strapped state governors who can’t pay ordinary workers’ salaries. Where did the billions of naira suddenly come from within weeks if he met an empty treasury as claimed? He thinks all Nigerians are fools and don’t know the heck how government functions. Government is not a saving bank, and its funds come and go as needed to meed financial obligations as and when due and not to be saved for an incoming administration to squander on ceremonials.

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It would, however, appear that Muhammadu Buhari had been living in caves all along and so somewhat shielded from happenings around the world, in particular, in the global war against terrorism. Otherwise, he would have known that President Obama is utterly incapable of fighting let alone defeating terrorism. In short, he is incapable of fighting a war—any war—period. I had declared him an incompetent commander-in-chief about two years ago before he went to war in against ISIS. And long how pathetic and terrible his anti-terrorism war in Iraq against ISIS is going!

The other day he threw his hands in the air declaring that ISIS could not be permanently defeated by US ground troops! If that is not already conceding defeat even before starting I don’t what and how the word defeat sounds like. A liberal as commander-in-chief in war time? You’re kidding me? Please! Forget about it. He will cut and run in no time. Defeat is the certain outcome—almost like natural law. And how many times do I have to repeat this for people to understand the liberal mindset? I have been saying this for years and they keep proving me right.

Under Obama’s nose ISIS has not only established a brand new caliphate but expanding in Iraq and Syria, capturing more cities and towns, again as predicted, even with US forces on the ground as “advisers” under Obama’s leadership. Look at the mess he has created in Libya, Afghanistan, Syria, Ukraine and Iraq. And back home in the US, so-called lone-wolf terrorists are on the attack with the latest occurring on the eve of Buhari’s trumpeted visit to seek assistance from a complete failure himself on the war on terror, who has reversed all the gains made under his predecessor.

At the minimum Buhari should first of all try and find out Obama's track record in fighting terrorism around the globe before enlisting his support. A man who could not fight his own battle at home and abroad cannot be counted upon to fight Buhari’s war for him in Nigeria. What I’m saying here now is exactly what I had said to Jonathan when he brought in the US military advisers under Obama’s leadership to help him defeat Boko Haram. We all know what came out of it. Don’t we? I told wrote then in article that he was daydreaming to think that Obama would or could help him defeat Boko Haram when he couldn’t help himself. And I’m repeating the same message to Buhari because I don’t want him to fail in this war against Boko Haram. For all the nonsense and sacrilege he’s pushing at home, Obama is not cut out for war, but for social engineering—yeah—same sex marriage—that kind of liberal “fight”.

Oh, what possible good can come out of this dalliance with a known evil, who is promoting gross immorality as evident by rampant indecency, promiscuity, abortion on demand, selling of aborted baby body parts by Planned Parenthood of America receiving grants from Obama, same-sex marriage, government dependency, laziness and pretty much all that is wrong with society, morally speaking? Is this the kind of company Buhari wants to keep? Seriously? As the saying goes, the cat which chooses to hang out with the dog will end up eating excreta its cleanliness notwithstanding. I hope and pray that Buhari is able to hold his own in Washington and not lured into the den of evil by liberal sweet talk, for Washington today is the Citadel of Evil.

Beware then President Buhari lest you be drawn into that kind of Obama “fight” back home in Nigeria—God forbid. We’re watching keenly about what is revealed—the one for the public and the secret one in whispers! Yes, Buhari that is the evil one--the one passed on in whispers and low tones, for evil too, is afraid of light and talks in whispers and low tones in order to avoid discovery.

So don’t discuss anything with Obama in whispers or in secret. Boko Haram and trade? Ok. Get it over with and go back home with pride as leader of Africa’s greatest nation and toss that damnable begging bowl in the Atlantic Ocean on your way home. Nigeria is not and will not be made a beggarly nation. Don't make her one. Stand tall and stake your claim to principled leadership and make Nigeria proud. Remember, what is said in private will one day come out in public. We're watching!.

God bless Nigeria.
And may God Bless and save America.

Franklin Otorofani is a Nigerian-trained attorney and public affairs analyst resident in the United States.
Contact: mudiagaone@yahoo.com



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