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EFCC - One Sided in War Against Corruption

EFCC came into existence in 2004, and it was set up to fight corruption without fear or favor. For sure, I am one of the few individuals that are giving the EFFC praises for their frantic efforts to eradicate corruption in our nation called Nigeria, since its formation in 2004. I am wholeheartedly in support of war against graft, and any necessary step or measure to expose past and present leaders. This is why I always praise Nuhu Ribadu for all his strenuous efforts to fight against corrupt individuals in our society.

Time without number on the pages of newspapers, people accuse the EFCC of being very selective in their war against corruption, and that Aso Rock uses the EFCC to deal with president Obasanjo's political opponents. People even describe the commission of being agent and enemy of democracy, as EFCC's fight against graft is questionable, and that the commission is being used for political intimidation and victimization against Obasanjo's political opponents.

Since formation of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission in 2004, I am now beginning to believe the war against graft has been one-sided by the agents of the EFCC. People that were ferociously dealt with by the EFCC are Obasanjo's political foes. During the political perdition of Alamieyeseigha, the impeached governor of Bayelsa state, he was dastardly dealt with, without fear or favor by the agents of the EFCC. In the last couple of years, Joshua Dariye, the incumbent governor of Plateau state has been facing the fierce anger of the EFCC for money laundering. Last two months, the business mogul Mr. Otunba Mike Adenuga Jr., was arrested in Lagos by the agents of the EFCC. His arrest was in other to incriminate the caliber of vice president Atiku Abubakar, because Adenuga is believed to lubricate the presidential campaign of Atiku Abubakar. I would love to see our past and present thieving leaders brought to justice, but when the war against corruption is one-sided, one can consider it corruption itself.

The chummy relationship between the president and his vice went sour when Atiku Abubakar first alerted the Nigerian people about the foiled third term agenda to allow president Obasanjo stay beyond 2007. Everyone was fully aware that the botched third term agenda to elongate the tenure of Mr. President was oiled by two Northern notable political colossuses, i.e. IBB and Atiku Abubakar. After the failed sit-tight agenda beyond 2007, it became obvious that those who opposed the sit-tight agenda will face the fierce tidal wave of Obasajo's political power. Knowing well who Obasanjo is, the aborted third term agenda is the beginning of political tussle between the proponents and opponents of the evil agenda called third term.

As Atuku was battling with the arrest of Adenuga, EFCC swooped into his bank account, and confiscated all his financial transactions, all in the name of fighting corruption. Now, it's IBB. His son Mohammed was recently arrested and released. His arrest was in connection with the probe of ownership of 24 per cent of the shareholdings in Globacom, one of the nation's telecommunication companies, the commission's operatives are also looking into his investments in various banks, construction companies and other high net worth firms. I would personally like to see the recovery of looted funds from the past and present leaders. But the manner in which the EFCC operatives are going in their war against graft is no more encouraging. The EFCC is after their master's political opponents. I just read on the Vanguard news paper that EFCC nabs S-South gov's in-law with $1.5m. This lady regained her freedom immediately after some political big-wigs intervened. To access the full story, go to:  

If Ribadu wants to restore his respect and dignity, he should go after those south-south governors, he accuses of using state's allocations to campaign for the nation's presidency. Ribadu should do something about the fraud at Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA), should probe the Transportation Ministry during the time of Chief Tony Anenih, should probe the Transcore shares, and should also bring to justice those supporters of the evil third term agenda who were involved in "Ghana must go" scandal. If all these can be done by Ribadu, the faith of Nigeria and Nigerians can be renewed in him. Until these things are done, Nigeria and Nigerians will not believe that Mr. Ribadu is straightforward in war against corruption, it does not matter his enormous amount of international accolades.

Isaac Moses , August 16th, 2006
Chicago, USA

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