Posted March 21, 2007

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Crimes Rate in Nigeria

By Bola Aina

Crimes rate is rising tremendously in the country. Many innocent and good Nigerian citizens have lost their lives due to an increase in ungodly crimes. Armed robbers are at every corner of the country. No place is safe.

Many women and innocent girls are violently raped every day by their loved ones, men of the underground, unwanted men, or their trusted associates. Men, women, and children are kidnapped every hour for spiritual needs and gains. Female students of higher institutions are engaged in day-to-day prostitution, roaming the streets day and night seeking and searching for men. I am not sure either to blame the law-enforcement officials (for lack of performance) or the Federal Government (for being too lenient). What is the country turning into?

I could remember the time while I was growing up. There was a decree by the military regime that any armed robber arrested, prosecuted, and found guilty must face the Firing Squad Tribunal. In this, a lot of robbers were executed by firing squad, examples like Oyenusi, Mighty Joe, etc. And the robbery crime rate was reduced. Now, the law has changed. The law is so much interpreted and twisted that it favors criminals more than the victims.

Personally, capital punishment should be enforced more in the country. Moses law should be enforced “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth”. Anyone who kills intentionally should pay with his/her own life in return. No question or delay of the law interpretation. Heartless criminals should face hardship judgments.

Moreover, three strikes you are out, judgment should be enforced. Meaning, any criminal found guilty of more than two felonies, would receive automatic life or death sentence on the third. Government should enforce law with an iron-fist boiling hand.

Home is home; therefore, let us make Nigeria a better and safer country to live. No place like home.

God bless Nigeria my lovely country.

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