Posted November 23, 2006

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 2007 Election: The Challenge Before Us

2007 is just around the corner, and we are faced with the task of electing a president, will we be successful? How do we find an individual that will represent the interests of the people? Should the person's religion, sex, ethnicity or political affiliation matter? What qualities should the person possess and where should the person take us to, at the end of his or her term?

These are all legitimate questions that every Nigerian should ask themselves and quickly find answers to, because time is fast running out. We need a change and Nigeria needs to move in a positive and productive direction. We are sick and tired of the same old baggage masquerading as politicians. I cannot imagine that some of the political aspirants have the audacity to present themselves as such, after mismanaging public funds in their previous tenure in office. What do they have to offer Nigerians again?

It's a shame that we live in a country, where there is no respect for the law of the land and everyone behaves as they so choose without the fear of being penalized. Where is our sense of responsibility and duty to the country?  Do the pledge of allegiance and the national anthem mean anything to Nigerians? When I was in elementary school, I always looked forward to singing the national anthem and taking the pledge of allegiance as I followed each word with keen interest and dedication. I was proud to be a Nigerian. But we seem to dismiss the gravity of the words very easily just to satisfy our selfish desires. The big question is "What would you really do with the power and all the wealth that you steal when you die"? Why not make a positive change so that you can be remembered as a person of value?

Qualities of a Good President

  • The president should have a great previous record, the past is a good predictor of the future.
  • Must have the ability to create or catch a vision.
  • Must surround him or herself with subordinates that share the same vision
  • Must be able to adapt to change swiftly
  • Must be attentive and responsive to constructive criticisms
  • Must be able to properly assess the prevailing situations and proffer appropriate solutions.
  • Must constantly appraise him or herself and search for better ways of doing things
  • Must have the willingness to own responsibility
  • Must be intelligent, have problem solving skills
  • and be able to withstand pressure.
  • Must have
  • respect for his or her subordinates
  • Must be able to command respect and attention (both within Nigeria and internationally).
  • Must be able to properly lead his immediate family
  • Must put the country before his or her personal desires
  • These are just a few of the qualities, If you lack the above qualities, you are not fit to be the president of Nigeria or any other organization. You need to reconsider your ambitions. Nigerians should come together and ensure that the right person is elected the president of Nigeria, in 2007.

    Long Live Federal Republic of Nigeria!  

    Chris Osiyi
    Founder, Nigerian Newspaper

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