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Many Nigerians are bloody fools, the Buhari Islamization story
By: Obagunle Adelowo

Published February 17th, 2015

President Goodluck Jonathan was the first and only president to have attended the meeting of the Organization of Islamic Countries after Nigeria was registered by Gen. Ibrahim Babaginda. He attended “The 12th Session Of the Organization of Islamic Countries OIC” in Cairo, Egypt on Wednesday, 6th February, 2013; after the membership of the country was renewed by the Yaradua/Jonathan administration on April 12th 2012, and later depart for UK, where he conferred with P.M. David Cameron and attended on Friday, the inauguration of ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo’s foundation in London. See photos attached, do your research yourself or follow the link here.

I have just confirmed that the best way to hide information from a typical Nigerian is to PEN-IT, I heard they will never read it. Information; if not the most, is very important, a misinformed person perishes easily due to ignorance. For example, if there is a Lion in a place, a person who doesn’t have such information will unknowingly joyfully walk into such place and perish. Many Nigerians are never greedy for knowledge and knowledge has once been proved to be power, hence they become powerless. The devil will never be happy to see humans thirst after knowledge, he already knows how powerful and rich knowledge is and of course he knows knowledge is an eye opener and truth, that’s why the holy bible reads in Hosea 4 vs 6 “My people perish for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge I have also rejected you….”, this implies that many are dead, some are dying and lots more would be destroyed; all accounted to lack of good quality knowledge or information. Seems you are yet to unravel my point of view; have you noticed that a typical Nigerian child doesn’t like to be given much tasking homework or assignment that involves much of reading and researching?

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They naturally see it as inconveniency or disturbance, it takes the collective efforts of the parents and the fear of being beaten by a disciplinarian teacher to get the student committed to the assignment, only 10% of a typical Nigerian child does theirs willingly without been forced, you know why? It’s in the blood, Nigerians?! Majorities are anti-reading and researching, they prefer hearsays; they will never try to find out themselves. Whether true or not, it’s not their concern, they will heartily help spread such unconfirmed information to the world no matter where the mis-information emanates. Many Nigerians are so senseless and stupid especially in this era of the PDP’s lies, political propaganda and smear campaigns against General Muhamadu Buhari.

I’ve read and heard so many lies and smear campaigns targeted to tarnish the image of Gen. Muhamadu Buhari in the face of all Nigerians and to my surprise, many foolish ones keep helping to energetically spread the unconfirmed rumours. The most annoying one is the one accusing the General to have tried and have the tendency of Islamizing Nigeria but All These Lies Must Stop today! I have at this junction of my life realized that “COMMON SENSE”, AS CHEAP AS WE HAVE ACCESS TO, IS ACTUALLY NOT COMMON AS WE THOUGHT. Even when Buhari was a military Head of State, during military era, then, when he had the power and opportunity to exercise his ego and misuse power, he never Islamized Nigeria neither did he bow to external pressure of the Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) to Islamize Nigeria. Funny enough, he is believed to be the first Nigerian Head of State to have been approached and lured to register Nigeria with the OIC because the external world was attracted by the huge wealth of Nigeria and good standard of living accredited to his administration, all within a short period of two years. This man built more than 3 oil refineries in Nigeria; one in Porthacourt, one in Warri, another one in Kaduna, Nigeria was refining our oil, he masterminded the construction of more than 20 oil depots, laying up to 30200 kilometers of pipelines, he put Nigerians in orderliness, and cleaned Nigeria through Environmental sanitation, to complement this through WAI-War Against all forms of Indiscipline, he caught many politicians stealing our money, collected our money, and made them pay for stealing our money, he made no distinction between the punishment of arm robbers and those fund robber politicians stealing our money, I’m sure you know where best befits them, straight to jail! (as contradictory to this present administration of Jonathan; Stealing is not Corruption), to this regard Naira became very strong to Dollar, in fact Naira wasn’t up to a one naira, it was in Kobo, to be specific, through my rigorous research (you can confirm online); Naira to Dollar in 1983 was #0.724, in 1984 was #0.765, in 1985 was #0.894, then only few Nigerians travel out, what’s the need? I heard through a research media that this development made Nigerians even in diaspora be spending naira abroad. This worried the Western world so much and became irritated by the fact that an African currency was as strong as theirs, and they trickily through the World bank approached and lured Buhari to borrow money from them but he refused, instead focused on paying off all our debts, the world bank were so mad with this development that they cut off Nigeria from the World Trade Organization in order to diminish our economy, meanwhile Buhari took another alternative step to trade with other neigbhouring countries by barter and Nigeria did wonderfully fine, we were giving them fuel they needed in exchange for goods we needed from them (research have it that Buhari was the first to introduce trade by barter to Nigeria). The Whites became mad again, Adeola-Keeping it real research proved that it was the Western World due to Buhari’s refusal to devalue Naira that sponsored Ibrahim Babanjida to overthrow Buhari in order to devalue Naira and of course their plan was visibly achieved. Babangida took over and Naira dropped down like crazy, to be précised through my rigorous findings, I got these data (find out for yourself), Babaginda ruled from 1985 to 1993 and here lies the evolution of the Naira value; 1985 Buhari gave Babanjida Naira at #0.894, 1986 became #2.02, 1987 became #4.02, 1988 became #4.54, 1989 became #7.39, 1990 became #7.39, 1991 turns #8.04, 1992 turned #9.91, in 1993 sprang to #17.30 and later left it at #22.33 for Abacha. not only that, Nuhu Ribadu did not only consider his dictatorial regime as “corrupt-ridden”, he also accused him of institutionalizing corruption, he said “The army general was alleged to have misappropriated a Gulf oil windfall of over $14 billion earned during the Gulf war between Iraq and Iran in 1990”. Brian Vincent Ikejiaku in his research work titled political corruption, Critical Governance Problem Facing the Nigerian State reads “The whereabouts of the Babangida’s Gulf-war windfall is still a mystery to Nigerians. Earnings from the sale of crude oil during the Gulf war was put at $12.4 billion, but the government eventually declared deficits of N21.7 billion and N35.31 billion in 1990 and 1991 respectively; however, government deep-throat sources said the report indicted the Babangida regime for looting parts of the funds and squandering the rest’. French paper put the overall worth of IBB at N450 billion (EFCC, 2007). President Jonathan equally inherited #155 naira to dollar and today the naira is at #215 to dollar.

Many foolish stupid Nigerians even till today don’t even know that it was Babangida that registered Nigeria with the Organization of Islamic Countries OIC and not Buhari and these idiots never tried to for once find out the real truth behind the matter, rather they keep passing across the PDP zealot and bigotry lies and smear campaigns to Nigerians. Many blind Gejites and foolish Nigerians doesn’t even know or try to find out the that during the Yar’Adua/Jonathan regime Nigerian membership of OIC was renewed on April 12, 2012 and your Christian president Jonathan himself was the first president to attend the OIC Islamic Summit held in Cairo, Egypt on 6th Feb. 2013.

Has any right thinking Nigerian for once tried to find out the religion of The National Chairman of APC; Mr. John Oyegun?, APC party leader Bola Tinubu’s wife, Buhari’s cook of ten years from Igboland, Buhari’s driver of 25 years. All these people are all Christians; will these people open their eyes to see Buhari Islamize Nigeria? As part of Buhari’s respect to right of individual religion, he (Buhari) gives Sunday as a free day to his domestic staff to go to Church and worship their God. Can even someone who intend to Islamize Nigeria expose his life for years to eat from a Christian cook and driver? General Muhammadu Buhari has likewise in person on said in many occasions and I quote “nobody can turn Nigeria into either a Christian or an Islamic state”. Jonathan and the PDPs have recruited all manners of propagandists and religious zealots to spread bigotry against Buhari, they even went ahead to say he is the one behind Bokoharam, just to rubbish his image in sight of all Nigerians. Yet as at today, the well-known human face of the real origin, founder of Boko-Haram, former governor of Borno state, Alli Modu Sherrif is warmly in bed with Jonathan and the PDPs, while the PDP sees the miraculous rejuvenation of its potency in proficiently recycling the lies on Buhari being behind Boko Haram. “Can a soldier who has a reputational straight talk and decisiveness one that crushed a fiercer Maitatsine Terrorist religious uprising when he was in power condone such silly antics Boko Haram and its sponsors purvey?” Gov. Rotimi Amechi.

If all these are not convincing enough for you, this is what Pastor Tunde Bakare said during the last election: “During our campaign, Buhari will deliberately not call me from Saturday night to Monday morning, giving me time to worship. We have mutual respect for each other. I know his persuasion as a Muslim. We had a joke in England. He said we have three things in common, but he beats me in one. I was patient to hear him. I asked what the three things were. He said he was the last son of his father and I am the last son of my father. Secondly, there are only two people remaining from his father’s side and there are only two people remaining from my father’s side, myself and my brother. He said he beats me in one because his father had 23 children, while my father had 22. We laughed, I said General; I also beat you in one. I said I was a Muslim and I am now a Christian while you are yet to become a Christian, are you coming over? We laughed. That is the kind of person he is. Very humane, very polished. He is not the fundamentalist many people think he is. I remember we finished campaign in Kaduna and it was such a huge turn–out. I have never seen such a mammoth crowd in my life. We returned to his home to have some food and he came out of the car and said; “Jesus Christ!” and I asked him: ‘General, what was that?’ And he said Pastor, you don’t have a monopoly of Jesus Christ, we have him in our Quran too. And we laughed. You can’t but love such a man. You can’t fault such a person. He is not who people think he is. He is not a fundamentalist at all. I am glad you read what he said about Boko Haram recently. Even President Jonathan publicly commended him. That is the kind of person he is. Rather than look for trouble, he will go to court. He is a man of peace” Pastor Tunde Bakare

Still not convinced? Hear Professor Yemi Osinbajo “It is not possible to Islamize or Christianize Nigeria. Nigeria has a constitution which states clearly that there cannot be a state religion in the country, “It is the duty of government to ensure that every Nigerian is able to worship in whatever way he wants to worship and at anywhere he desires. Buhari’s administration will ensure that if you are a Christian, you are able to worship freely wherever you want to worship. If you are a Muslim, you will worship wherever you want to worship. His business as the president of the country is to provide security for your life and security for your property. Nobody can burn a church; nobody can burn a Mosque and go scot-free. Such a person must be punished. Osinbajo recalled that while Buhari was a Military Head of State, his vice, late General Tunde Idiagbon was equally a Muslim and were both approached to join Islamic state but he refused. Osinbajo said: “Buhari was a military president at the time and could do that if he liked then. If he did not do it at the time, how can you say that he would do it in a civilian administration? It’s all PDP propaganda. “Let us ask them, General Buhari’s cook of 25 years and his driver are both Christians. If he could not Islamize them, how will he be able to Islamize me or any other person? It is not possible. “Even while he was a Military Head of State, almost 70 percent of members of his cabinet were Christians. Almost all his ministers were Christians; except four of them. Jonathan was the only Nigerian President to attend the meeting of the Organization of Islamic Countries in Egypt 2013 ever since Nigeria was registered by Babangida and membership of Nigeria was renewed by the Yaradua/Jonathan administration in 2012,” Prof. Yemi Osinbajo said (which is very true).

What else do you need to hear or know? If you want to be sure and certain about the pieces of information on this article of mine, I challenge you to make research yourself and inquire about it and see if anything I have said here is far from the truth or from what you would get yourself. I will echo this again, Jonathan, your holy Christian president who cannot Islamize Nigeria was the first and only president and head of state to have attended the OIC meeting on Feb. 2nd, 2013. Which the membership was renewed April 12th 2012 during Yaradua/Jonathan administration, I even have the pictures of his arrival at Cairo Egypt airport, himselfand Mohammed Morsi and his presence during the meeting, just search for the story yourself.

Permit me at me at this junction of my article conclusion to quote the now Jonathan campaign media chairman; Femi Fani Kayode quoting Jonathan in his article on 26 September 2011, which he titled “On Goodluck Jonathan, David and Goliath”. He said and I quote directly from his write up: “A few days ago from the sacred pulpit of the hallowed chambers of the National Christian Centre in Abuja and in the presence of the entire leadership of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan proclaimed as follows- ‘I am not David….I am not a general…..I am not a lion….I will defeat the Goliaths in our land’. These are deep and instructive words yet I do wonder whether Mr. President understands the spiritual and practical implications of what he is saying. I say this because if he says that he is not a David how can he then possibly slay the Goliaths in the land? If he says that he is not a general how can he be an effective Commander-in-Chief who commands the respect and confidence of his army and his officers? If he says that he is not a lion how can he overwhelm the animals in our jungle (Bokoharam) that seek to destroy and ravage our land?” Mr Femi Fani Kayode has also wrote an article titled “Jonathan Leading Nigeria to destruction” published January 12, 2014, and he has proved and convinced Nigerians that our president is a (to use his word) “weak” president in his article titled “A president without Balls” meaning a president who is incompetent, published on October 3, 2013. And to crown it all up, the President, Federal Republic of Nigeria on Thursday 8, 2015 at the launch of his Campaign rally in Lagos at Tafawa Balewa Square said and I quote “I KNOW MY GENERATION HAS FAILED NIGERIA, WE COULDN’T TAKE NIGERIA TO THE MOON” while begging for another 4 years grace to take Nigeria to the moon he wasn’t able to do within his first 6 years in office.

Permit me also, to confidently to ask Nigerians a simple straight question, which I need a straight, logical and constructive answer. The question is, “If Jonathan is given another 4 years to rule this nation after his self-acclaimed 6 years of failure, WILL YOU REALLY EXPECT ANYTHING NEW FROM HIS ADMINISTRATION?” Other than continued alarming rate of insecurity of lives and properties, inflated level corruption and impunity, more devaluation of Naira, rebasement of GDP without any visible impact on citizens’ lives, radical unemployment rate, stomach infrastructure programme (Expired Jonathan RICE), more Fuel Subsidy Fraud Scandal, continued hardship of life surviaval and poor standard of living, use of Nigerian Police boss to intimidate opposition politicians and threaten to kill 20 civilians “fire for fire” (Joseph Mbu), use of militants to threaten Nigerians to vote for a candidate without arrest and granting them contracts to acquire War ships for the country, presidential pardoning of convicts, legalization of public looting (Stealing is not Corruption), Presidential dance parade at campaign rallies few days of unjustly gruesome murder of Nigerians by insurgents (something seems fishy), organization of Centenary dinner feast merriment few days after 59 poor Nigerian male students were unjustly murdered in their school hostel a period Nigeria and their parents were in pains and anguish sorrow, unaccounted 3 trillion Federal Government Scam Scandal, waste of millions of naira on programmes like the Confab without implementation, continued elongated strike actions by almost all sectors of the economy, more grammatical global Nigeria disgrace from the office of the Federal First Lady, collation of ministers and governors in rigging elections, high level of inflation and impunity of nations’ posterity, undemocratic governmental involvement and postponement of election and so much more.

This 2015 General Election might happen to be the only chance Nigerians have to break loose from the hands of this democratic tyrant, 4 years of Jonathan in this nation is another 4 years in total darkness, carelessness of Nigerian souls and man inhumanity to man. Think twice Nigerians; don’t waste your vote on a clueless government. The election date can only be intimidated, not the vote of Nigerians. UNTIL WE MARCH 4 BUHARI TO CHANGE JONATHAN, I remain calm and ever sensitive as a typical Buharian as I watch with keen interest, Jonathan’s moves on the heated polity through the mingling of government in electoral affairs and the elongated election date.

I have pledged to Nigeria my country,
To remain peaceful, loyal on Election Day,
And guard my PVC with all strength,
To March 4 Buhari/Osinbajo,
And Change Jonathan and Sambo with pride,
Thus creating a new Nigeria with my vote,

I’ll like to close this article by quoting Sen. Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s recent statement “MR PRESIDENT, NOW THAT WE HAVE GIVEN YOU A SHOE, IT’S TIME TO GO BACK TO OTUEKE BAYELSA, WHERE YOU BELONG”

The Truth Can Only Be Hidden NOT Killed

© 2015 Obagunle Adelowo



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