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America—Morally Challenged Experimental Nation in Ferment Brewing a Second Revolution - By Franklin Otorofani

Published July 11th, 2015

July 4th 2015, was a glorious America’s Independence Day anniversary. And, as usual with each anniversary, her citizens were out and about in celebration of the 239thbirthday of their great nation—unfortunately and painfully now in a rather precipitous moral descent—with fireworks and sundry activities. All of which masked the moral decadence within the body politic. 
Please grant me this little luxury for once to wax perhaps a little pastoral here for a moment though a man of God I’m not, and neither pretend nor profess to be one. A committed cultural warrior of some repute I would humbly claim with dignity and pride, and it shows in all my writings not just this, because it comes from within the depths of my soul. Now I ask, did any American happen to be in church, temple, mosque, or anywhere near any other religious house of worship on her Independence Day to give thanks to God that made her greatness possible? Or for that matter, did anyone reach out to God on that day to say, “Thank You,” in his/her quiet moments? I very much doubt it. Why not? It’s because America has tragically and most regrettably relegated God to the background in her national affairs, apparently for no reasons at all.
The more America society develops and grows the less Godly and farther away from God it becomes. In other words, it is developing and growing away from God into godlessness rather than toward godliness. And who is filling the void thus created? You know who, don’t you? Who else but Satan, of course! Just like ISIS moved into Iraq to fill the security void left by America under President Obama Satan moved into America to fill the spiritual void created by America under the same President Obama. It’s no coincidence, folks. There is cause and effect. It’s the law of physics.

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Anyway 4th of July is not ordinarily the day of “Thanksgiving”, which comes up in the month of November—three months away. But even on that day of supposed national Thanksgiving, as indeed on Christmas Day these days, (which by the way is now rather shamelessly and cowardly referred to simply as a "Holiday” on greeting cards and in officialdom with the “Christmas” piece cut off so as not to offend atheists), nobody remembers God for giving them such a great nation because God has arrogantly been outlawed in America—His name not to be mentioned or acknowledged in any public place, because America has given His place to Satan, and his Church reduced to empty shell where satanic liturgy of political correctness has replaced his word and the Scriptures and belched out to perplexed and disoriented faithful with satanic fervor. Good lord, save us!
And when, in defiance by some brave, courageous and intrepid Christian in government office someplace in the huge bureaucracy, His name is mentioned or acknowledged in any form or shape, it is irreverently and arrogantly taken down by the courts filled with liberal, God-hating judges at the behest of “aggrieved” atheists who rush to them to seek “redress” apparently against God. It’s all about political correctness. Don’t you know? America is in denial of her own self; in fact, ashamed of her own cultural and traditional heritage and now lives in the world of make-believe. Yes, in the world of the unscrupulous, deceitful and morally depraved elements in the image and likeness of the Obamas of this world.
So celebratory Americans vigorously pump hands, pat themselves on their backs, and generally thank themselves instead of God. They remind themselves about how great, rich, wonderful and powerful they are. They proudly and irreverently tell God to take the back rather than the driver’s seat in the national ride. I can tell you that God is not amused. And there are grave consequences thereto appurtenant (my apologies to great legal minds).
That’s right. Americans, in their infinite wisdom, great scientific and technological achievements, would rather offend God and please atheists! Why not? God does not protest in the streets or file law suits in the US Supreme Court—that shamelessly and unabashedly political institution passed off as a court law not worthy of its name—to seek social recognition of their weird, sinful ways.
That Democrats and Republicans in Congress openly fight over the political preferences of judicial nominees to the US Supreme Court says a lot about the political complexion of the court. It’s now an arm of the political parties. If the court had more conservative than liberal judges its decisions would go in favor of the Republicans. It’s a highly politicized court, for crying out loud! When a court’s decisions are invariably dictated by politics rather than law and facts it is effectively a court of politics not of law.
Ideologically left-leaning atheists and all the other social outcasts and fringe groups run to it at the drop of a hat, and the Supreme Court and liberal America are there for them to answer their prayers. They use the SC as their principal instrument for ungodly social engineering projects of their fantasies. No they’re not there for God even though He had been there for them for three solid centuries through thick and thin. How long God will be there for them is however a matter for conjecture and great uncertainty, if not serious doubts. He may well have turned his back on America!
Well, I’m here to tell them that God cannot and will not be barred or banned by mere mortals, or for that matter, any other being in the universe made by Him, from the nation He had created out of nothing in the land that belonged to others now confined to reservations. Those who purport to ban or bar God from American public life only make fools of themselves, and it’s not funny. Now, why would anybody be uncomfortable with the mention of the name God? What is there to be uncomfortable with? It just shows how sick—mentally and spiritually unbalanced liberals and the so-called “progressives” in Western societies really are.
Pray, why would God make anybody uncomfortable if not because of their egregiously sinful ways that God is supposed to visit with a heavy hand? That’s what scares the daylight of them! Liberals are scared of the prospects of hellfire whether or not they believe in it! The fact that fellow citizens believe in it is enough to scare them. That’s why they hate God and religion for that matter. The less God is mentioned the more comfortable they feel as if that would in and of itself free them from the wrath of God in the final judgement day. It’s like living in the proverbial fools’ paradise!
Well not particularly well schooled and grounded in politics, however, a great majority of American citizens are completely oblivious of the dangers that lurk in the dark shadows that have been cast on their society by liberal forces, which they have empowered and continue to empower to run their lives.
While their nation has enjoyed the greatest blessings in modern history in power and wealth and global influence since the last century, specifically since the end of WWII, such that the last century has been dubbed the “American century” by historians, it is not entirely clear if such blessings are still available to her in this present and centuries to come. To put it bluntly, the very existence of the United States as one political entity is now a matter for debate and no longer guaranteed.
How many more birthdays the good lord would grant their nation is, therefore, a matter for conjecture rather than dead certainty as it once was. It might have seemed farfetched in the past but no more so today. This, therefore, is no time for frolicking, but for sober reflections on the state of their nation. And millions of hitherto gagged and politically corrected Americans, alarmed by the moral state and goings on of their country and goings on are now speaking out against the sudden perilous direction the country has taken at the moment.
Doomsday Prophecies
Now, so much ink has already been expended on various doomsday scenarios about the United States, not just by foreigners but by notable concerned US citizens themselves who are reading the handwritings on the wall. There are tons of books and articles out there on this very subject. Amazon website, amongst others, features a truckload of them on sale. And the blogosphere is replete with them. All I can do is add to the burgeoning literature on the doomsday scenarios, which by the way, have assumed a sense of urgency indeed alarm in recent years.
The deliberate move away from godliness and faith to worldly desires of the flesh not just by ordinary citizens but officialdom as well, as deliberate state policy in celebration of gross sinfulness and immorality, cannot but incur the wrath of God however long it takes. The fact that those who promote these policies do not believe in God or morality makes no difference at all. It’s just like a felon not believing in the criminal justice system of his country. What difference does his belief or unbelief makes to the judge in his criminal prosecution, conviction and sentence? Nothing.
As history teaches us, not just in Biblical but in modern times also, there is a steep price to be paid for willful disobedience to the commandments of God just as it is for breaking man-made laws. It is rather illogical and foolish to imagine that we would pay a price for breaking man-made laws but pay no price at all for breaking God’s laws. Only fools and those in denial of the existence of divine laws think this way. But their foolish thinking and denials change nothing. How could there be punishment for violating human laws and no punishment for violating God’s laws? What logic is that?
There are no ifs and buts in this but it is as sure as the night follows the day. Liberal elites may scoff at this but their arrogance will only accelerate the demise not change or stop it because they themselves are at the heart of the gross immorality destroying the nation from within, which they gleefully whitewash, clothe with civil rights and impose on society against the will of the people themselves. Their own punishment shall indeed be great as individuals because sin has gradations just like crimes. This is not so difficult to understand. As Americans themselves would say, you do crime you do time in jail. And you do sin you do time in hellfire. Don’t understand why this is rocket science. You don’t need religious or some pastor to understand this simple logic.
But there is a collective price to be paid by the nation as well that will affect everybody whether complicit or not. When the nation collapses, morally and otherwise, it collapses on everybody not just the sinners who brought about the curse on the nation. For example, the prolong drought in the state of California that has been running for months leading to strict water rationing affects everybody in that state not just a few. I read in the reports that the government is considering refining sea water for human consumption—desalination—in order to save the situation. Do you know why this is happening? Your guess is as good as mine. And California is an otherwise blessed state 11th largest economy in the world that is now going beggarly with people fleeing it in droves.
Bottom line is that heavens have held back rains from California for months on end while liberals are busy looking for "scientific" explanations. And California is the US capital of sin and unbridled immorality where same-sex marriage began and spread to other parts of the country, because sin has its powerful and irresistible attraction like an addiction. It’s the Devil’s instrument of choice. It never fails him. It delivers for him because much of humanity is spiritually denuded and benumbed!
By the way, and just so you know, the word “sin” has also been banned by the liberal media. It’s now replaced with the word “lifestyle”! Anywhere you see the word “lifestyle” understand what it really means. It is sin dressed up in a beautiful linguistic attire in order to shield and blunt its social stigma. Who says Satan is not busy in his workshop? Again, it’s all about political correction. Don’t you know? And America is paying the price.
Thus the enormous blessings that God had so generously bestowed on the nation for which she has shown no gratitude but utter contempt and mockery of God, shall be summarily withdrawn, one and all, and replaced with a showering of indescribable and painful divine curses on the nation on account of her willful disobedience to the will of God. All that God had given her shall be taken back—every inch of soil, every pound of gold and silver, and every talent, shall be taken away from her on account of her rebellion against God.
And if you asked me, I would say that the process has already begun with the social and economic convulsions and upheavals engulfing the nation at this very moment in time with no end in sight. These are only the outer bands of the impending storm that is set to hit her shores—unless of course she repents and changes course. Sin is a reproach to a nation.
While the government deceptively bandy about 5-6% unemployment rate, discounting those who have ceased looking for work and those on public assistance, the real unemployment rate in the US is in double digit as every economist and politician knows using the labor department’s more accurate U-6 computational model, which the government ignores because it wants to paint a rosy picture for the public. If that is not willful official deception, I don’t know what is. It is living a lie!
Why is the US economy stuck at 1% plus growth rate in GDP on average for seven years now when other nations are recording double or even triple that growth rate until lately? No economic recovery has been this tepid in US history—not even the great depression of the late 20s. Economists are wringing their hands in agony trying to find answers. Well the answers are not within their academic reach because they’re hidden from then in divine silos, if you like, open only to the spiritually enlightened not spiritually dead academia. That’s why eggheads are scratching their heads unable to find answers. It’s why the Obama administration is diverting attention from economic woes to social engineering projects that have no economic but only immoral value propositions.
But there are even more questions for them and others laboring in vain to find out why. Why did the US suffer financial meltdown in 2008 even where there were warnings and nobody cared to stop it? Why are over 92 million Americans not working and out of the labor force to this day? How do they get by in life without jobs? Who pays the bills for their upkeep? Is it fair and just for one citizen to foot the bills of another citizen who is not working and to whom he is not otherwise related in any shape or form when he/she has his/her own or family problems to take care of? Social engineering policies that are based on robbing some citizens in order to buy political patronage from certain constituencies is grossly immoral and unjust. It is sickening!
That is a failed social model for any society to ride on for long. Robbing Peter to pay Paul in the name of welfare never works because it is the very definition of injustice. And in case you’re in doubt, ask the Greeks. They’re hurting badly and might want to share their bitter experience with anyone, who cares to ask and listen. Greece economy has collapsed! And believe it or not the US is not so far behind as indeed the entirety of the Eurozone.
Why are the Welfare Rolls for the poor going up and not down if the economy is “improving” as the liars in government claim? Why are cities and towns filing for bankruptcy and struggling to dig themselves out of debts? Why is the US sovereign debt approaching $19 trillion about the same size as the economy as a whole if things are looking up not down as the government liars claim?  You don’t need to be an economic guru to know these things and ask these questions. These facts are entirely in the public domain and cannot be spun otherwise by government’s spin masters.
Why the social convulsions all of a sudden in city after city and state after state? And why are the crime rates going up and up. Why is California suffering drought. Why is there so much generalized feeling of hopelessness and despair in the land with the youths not seeing a brighter future for themselves as were their parents in the past? Why are their college degrees obtained with crushing student loans running into tens of thousand dollars with interests not providing no economic reliefs for them? Why? Why?
These are all pertinent questions that Americans should earnestly and honestly begin to ask themselves while they celebrated Fourth of July. And if they did so sincerely and thoughtfully, they would find that there is only one answer to these questions. God has turned his back on their nation that had turned her back on Him for so long.
Nothing New
Over the years yours truly has been putting forth his ten cents worth of warnings about the impending demise of the US or its deceleration into an inconsequential nation. While many have attributed this impending fate to other factors including but not limited to the natural demise of great empires, only a few have come to grips with the huge moral deficit in the land in which environment the American society has existed for decades.
Great American statesmen had forewarned that the United States could be gutted and undone from within rather than from without, not by a foreign power but an enemy within. In other words, it would be gutted from within by internal enemies who pose as her leaders ostensibly out for public good. They should therefore fear not the enemy without but the enemy within. It is fitting therefore to once again, on this auspicious occasion, put forth this warning that the end is near.As late President Ronald Reagan had warmed decades ago, we are only one generation away from losing our liberties. Dear reader, it is already happening under Obama right under our noses and liberals are of course cheering rapturously at the withering of individual liberties including freedom of religion! America, the birthplace of individual liberties is busy killing individual liberties and liberals are cheering. That is a dagger driven right into the heart of the nation.
Now having said that, I’m not unmindful of the fact that a dog destined to die doesn't listen to its master’s whistle. Even so, US leadership must be reminded of the existential evil that befell formerly mighty USSR, Supreme leader and Grand Patron of the Communist universe when its leaders mocked and purported to outlaw God from the public domain just as it is happening today in the US. That was one heck of a superpower destroyed in a twinkle of an eye from within. Its leaders had scoffed at all warmings, and when their time was up, it was destroyed by God from within. And the mighty Soviet Empire spanning continents was reduced to rubbles. Today, Russia is still picking up the pieces and turning to the same scorned God and cultural traditions full speed ahead while the US is falling into the same trap unable to learn from history.
Today liberal elites mock God and scoff at traditions. Well, it may well be that her fate have been sealed as God may have passed his judgment on America already hence the accelerated descent into the moral abyss, indicating her fate is sealed. In that case, it will not depart from its perilous course but instead double down and even try to pull others down along the same doomed course as was the former USSR.
When the head is rotten the entire body is as good as dead. This is the pathological state that the United States has attained--the prognosis being a hopeless case. Even so she can still be spared of such cruel fate if there are enough people willing to stick up for God and righteousness. Unfortunately, that is not going to happen anything soon as long as liberals like Obama and his goons are in charge.
And the timid so-called conservatives, have simply given up and allowed liberals to run the show in their country. In fact, while I have trained my guns mainly at liberals so called conservatives are in no better shape either and many of them are complicit in mocking God. Whatever liberals throw at them they swallow hook, line and sinker without any pushbacks whatsoever, and in fact attack those who do as “extremists”!
How many people are in the streets protesting this monstrosity by the US SC? Not one. Silence and acquiescence is submission. They have been severally dumbed down and only protest in their bedrooms. Only liberals with immoral agenda protests with liberal media echoing their so-called grievances and demanding action. This is why liberal causes are succeeding in destroying traditional values because no one is raising a voice against it and those who do are beaten down and called ugly names in order to silence them. Republicans are in this game too. This is why the US is all but doomed. 
Experimental Nation
My warning, therefore, is for the benefit of these other nations both inside and outside of Europe currently under the sway of the US. There's no question, however, that the demise of America the morally challenged experimental nation in trouble will trigger an avalanche of national upheavals of historical proportions in several of her client states, again as was the case with former Soviet Union, leading to their collapse, starting with Europe, if it has not already begun. The 2008 financial melt-down in the US, which she is yet to meaningfully recover from was the first unheeded warning from God. 
The United States of America to all intents and purposes is an experimental nation and this experimental gene permeates both economic, religious, and social fields. However, while experimentation is a constant in the sciences and technology as well as other academic fields, certain things are settled and need not be subjected to constant experimentation otherwise chaos would ensue and life will forever remain an unsettled proposition. Cultural pillars of society, the most important of which is family life, shouldn’t be subject to needless and unsettling experimentation otherwise nothing would be settled in life.
Those who subject the hallowed institution of marriage to constant experimentation are doing so in order to accommodate ungodly relationships, including but by no means limited to same-sex marriage, because a day will come when animal lovers mushrooming in the West engaged in bestiality will demand marriage to their pets whom they will refer to as “partners”. I have a picture of one such individuals reported in the papers that I would not bother you with for now. There is so much sinfulness in the West that it just makes your heart bleed reading about them. The West is far gone, I’m sorry to say.
Suffice it to state that that constituency though small and silent for now will raise its voice one day, seeing that the US courts have expanded the definition of marriage to include marriage between man and man, and between woman and woman. A year ago back this was still considered a social taboo in the US as in the rest of the civilized world just as marriage to animal is today.  But wait—it’s only a matter of time that the liberals will ask, no demand it. How many more social taboos are out there that are on the shopping list of the Democratic Party to tick off and campaign on? There has to be a lot remaining. This is how liberals destroy societies as it is happening today in Greece and all over Europe. Get it?
In fact, I can already predict that the ungodly Democratic Party in the United States will encourage that constituency to raise its voice so that it could make it a civil right issue in campaign, depending of course how much electoral power and how deep its pockets are for campaign donations. This is how it courted the gay groups representing less than 1% of the nation and succeeded in imposing their agenda on the nation. The Democratic Party is always looking for aggrieved constituents, organizes them into a political force and make their grievances campaign issues of civil rights. It is the primary source and generator of evil, both in the past and present in America. It calls abortion a civil right. Immigration a civil right. Welfare a civil right. And yes gay marriage a civil right too. None of these is, of course a civil right. Not one!
They’re all phony, invented categories of fake rights which democrats themselves had in the past condemned and opposed as indicated in Obama’s earlier opposition to same sex marriage and Hillary Rodham Clinton’s earlier tirades against illegal immigrants. These people are frauds. Today they’re all posing as local champions of disaffected but loud mouthed fringe groups of weirdos and social outcasts pushing one immoral agenda or another and seeking to mainstream their ungodly ways euphemistically referred to by complicit western media as “lifestyles.”
Is there any end to this in the West? No. It’s constant agitation for one cause or another condemning society to a perpetual state of social flux in which the time honored notions of religion, morality and tradition have no place—where anarchy rules. It’s the fulfillment of the wet dream of social deviants and anarchists.
But must we all be pulled along into their weird world? I don’t think so and neither should you or anybody else for that matter. We reject this arrogant and ungodly intrusion into our cultural heritage.
Now here is the crux of the matter: If, out of respect and recognition of their individual freedoms, I do not seek to impose my religion, morality and tradition on other people, why on earth would I allow anybody to impose his atheism, immorality and social deviance on me? And why, for that matter, at their behest should the US courts be allowed to get away with such imposition on an entire nation? The courts are establish to fight for liberals or they’re courts of law entitled only to dispense justice in accordance with the letter and spirit of the laws? Judicial activism is not to be tolerated at all on any grounds whatsoever in any decent society. It is not the job of judges to make laws but to enforce them.
And the US in particular which is particularly sensitive to matters of religious freedom should be the last to trample on religious freedoms guaranteed by the constitution. What is so galling about the whole thing is the imposition of gay marriage on Christians against their Christian faith and beliefs. Christians, who refused to bake wedding cakes for so-called “gay couples” wanting to “wed” have had their shops shut down, thereby threatening their livelihood. If this is not tyranny I don’t know what is. Why must this cultural excrement be rammed down the throats of everybody? This is looking for trouble.
American history contradicts this. When the 100 pilgrims on the Mayflower set sail from England to the new so-called “New world” in September 1620, they were fleeing away from religious tyranny at home to a place where they might find freedom of worship. Religion at home was firmly under the control of the kings—i.e. the state which exercised power to dictate both the contents and forms of worship and doctrinal matters and simply imposed them on the nation. The church and the state were one and the same.
Dangerous Provocations
While this experience had informed the decision of the founding fathers of the United States to separate religion and state it did not mean freedom from religion or turning the nation into a Godless nation where the mere mention of God or Christ would be criminalized as it now appears in the US.
The founders profusely quoted the Bible and invoked God’s name; prayed to Him and sought his blessings throughout the creative process, i.e. the declaration of independence and constitutional conventions. Amongst others, the words” In God We Trust” are inscribed in US coins as evidence of their undying beliefs in God. God was there with them throughout their deliberations and delivered them from the mighty British army during the war of independence.
American history teaches that the nation which goes by the official name of The United States of America was forged from the crucible of long drawn revolutionary wars bitterly fought against the mighty Imperial and tyrannical Britain by under-resourced rag tag army of the colonies led by General George Washington, admittedly with military assistance from France, which was then in colonial competition with and an adversary of Britain, and therefore desired the defeat of Britain so bad. It was hardly surprising then that the Statute of Liberty was donated by France to the young upstart nation.
French imperial footprints could be found all over the United States most prominently in a swathe of southern states including North and South Carolina, Mississippi and Louisiana, just to mention but a few, some of which are also French speaking to this day, just as in the other half of Canada, which itself is both English and French speaking.
These colonial legacies underscore the fierce imperial competition as well as relative successes of both Britain and France in carving out colonial territories for themselves. Thus the revolutionary wars that led to the emergence of the declaration of independence and emergence of the United States of America as a nation following the Continental Congress of the original thirteen federating colonies, was not hampered but actively pushed by France, arch enemy of imperial Britain. In other words, a foreign power was behind America’s revolutionary wars and its birth at the beginnings of which France sold her colonial territories to the new nation after helping to kick out Britain.
Why this brief historical excursion? It’s because the same or similar forces and conditions that had provoked the America revolutionary wars have been gathering apace over the last several decades and fast approaching a boiling point. Today, talks of secession from the union is common place particularly in the more conservative southern states which is agonizing over the erosion of their traditional values and cultural heritage by liberal forces on cultural demolition mission from the Northeast, West and the Midwestern states.
And believe it or not, there are more foreign powers today, namely; Russia Iran, North Korea and China that are waiting on the wings to bring the US down. They would jump at any opportunity to exploit internal dissent, well, just as the US itself has done to them to unravel her.  This is why a nation must not set out to anger its citizens by inventing immoral civil rights from nowhere and imposing them on society. America must never forget that she had suffered a civil war for precisely this sort of thing in the past. These provocations could start another and I don’t see her surviving it in this day and age.
An immoral society is not worthy of its name and might as well cease to exist if it cannot be redeemed, because men are products of morality, that being the godlike quality in them, and will hold fast to it, no matter what. We cry about ISIS and other Islamic militants and we carry out even more provocations like these. What but sexual perversions like these from the West that the militants are fighting against?
This is not to make any excuses for their violent means which I personally deprecate, but to underline the basis of their main grouse with the West. It’s egregious immorality like these. The West is at a point of no return and I see more troubles ahead—yes existential troubles ahead for the West if it does not repent and change course. Those familiar with my writings over the years know that I’m not just saying this now, but have been warning about this for years and years and it’s getting worse not better by the day.
There is a whole movement today in the US embraced by millions seeking to return to the states their constitutional powers which have been hijacked by an overarching and overbearing federal government, involving education, land use, environmental management, agriculture, healthcare, and now even marital issues of all things as evidenced in the recent Supreme Court decision on gay marriage.
These areas reserved for the states by the constitution have been effectively seized by the federal government rendering the states as mere vassals of the almighty federal government in addition to its exclusive areas of defense, post and telecommunication, foreign affairs etc.
Through stick and carrot the states have been bludgeoned into ceding their powers to the center effectively. The process by which this state of affairs has arisen has to do with states acquiescing to policy options dictated and imposed by their parties in control at the center at any given time whether it’s the Democrats or Republicans because they don’t want to be seen in opposition to the presidency and congress which they control at the center.
Moreover the center always attaches financial incentives to such initiatives in order to lure cash strapped states in—the same it does to foreign countries. And trust me many states are on the verge of bankruptcy including Michigan and California. So a little help from the center wouldn’t be such a bad idea for them even if it means selling their birthrights to the center.
The cumulative effects of this is the near total erosion of the powers of the states to run their own affairs without undue interference from the center as evidenced most recently in Obamacare, which forces states to establish and run Healthcare Market Places for the purchase of healthcare insurance under the self-same Obamacare—the so-called Affordable Healthcare, which is anything but affordable yet mandatory on all the states.
Healthcare is not the business of the federal government to begin with, just as education and marriage. The federal government is practically breathing down the necks of the states and many of them cannot take it anymore; particularly those in the opposition parties, which today are the Republican controlled states by far the majority in the union.
From burdensome taxation to gay marriage; total elimination of God and Christian values from public affairs including the education system, abortion of demand where millions of unborn babies are butchered every year, liberal assault on gun ownership, censorship of free speech, political correctness, and a whole host of economic and social issues, the US is split down the middle in virtual culture war, which resolution evokes doomsday scenarios for the nation as both sides are now on a war path and digging in. Issues are being joined politically and lines are being drawn militantly in the sand. It’s ominous.
Today American children are being indoctrinated in public schools to reject God and religion with the creationism replaced with as yet unproven mythical theory of evolution, and gay lessons are replacing religious studies and atheism celebrated. A theory remains a theory not an established fact. But that is what is being fed to young impressionable American children in rejection of the scriptures. This is why people of faith are abandoning America’s messed up and academically failing but politicized public schools for more successful private religious schools, which are however quite expensive in tuition fees and the rest.
But parents of faith are not deterred by the costs—they’re getting value for their money after all, and that’s what counts. It was in the news the other day that school children in some public schools are now being taught that gender is not a fixed thing and that they can decide for themselves in future whether they want to be males or females!
The transgender movement, which is an offshoot of the sex liberation movement has infiltrated the educational system in the US! Pray where do we run to and to whom do we turn? I hear US citizens talking of moving out from the US and believe it or not some are doing just that and turning in their US passports as government’s annual reports to Congress clearly indicate albeit for a variety of reasons. Last year alone 2014 for example, it was some 3,415 Americans renouncing their US citizenship, up from 2,999 in 2013. 2014 is progressively the highest so far, but the figures keep increasing with each passing year. This year could be even more.
These are people who are sick and tired, disenchanted and thoroughly frustrated about goings on in their country and wouldn’t want to be called Americans any more. Isn’t that tragic? How could a nation set out deliberately to deny its own culture and traditional heritage and do this to its own people?
Not everyone wants to quit and move abroad though. Most prefer to stay and fight it out from within rather than give up. For how long would Christians and peoples of faith be forced to swallow these cultural excretions and secretions being pushed down their throats? For how long shall our hallowed institutions be debased and desecrated? And for how long shall we allow ourselves to be intimidated by political correctness speech police in the media?
Your guess is as good as mine. And, if you asked me, I would say categorically, that it won’t be long. And guess what, the revolution has already begun, thanks to the Supreme Court! The states and the people have had enough of this liberal nonsense—yes enough of tyranny!
Recall that this was how the first revolution began in New England against Britain with the battle cry of “No taxation without representation”, which was brutally brought down by the British colonial authorities similar to the Aba riots in Nigeria during the colonial era. Taxation feeding into preexisting grievances set off a revolution that produced the United States of America. History goes in cycles and it’s about to repeat itself in America.
There are greater provocations today on Americans by imperial leaders in Washington DC than were under British rule. Just look at the US tax code alone. It’s enough to set off riots in the streets. The people have been effectively reduced to slaves in their own country; slaving away their lives for the government to make itself comfortable and play Father Christmas on the backs of struggling citizens.
Brewing Constitutional Crisis
Ordinarily the political system is the place to go to for the resolution of many of these issues. Unfortunately, as the same-sex marriage decision by the Supreme Court shows, the voice of the people no longer matters in the US as the courts have arrogated to themselves the powers to nullify the people’s votes—leaving a trail of anger and bitterness—and ominously, calls for nullification by the states of clearly unconstitutional court decisions. When the voice of the people no longer counts, and the people are thus rendered powerless in their own country, it’s an open invitation to violent change.
A year or so ago over two thirds of all 50 states in the union had one form of legislation or another forbidding same-sex marriage either through direct referenda or through legislations. In fact, as stated in a previous piece, the federal government had one such omnibus legislation appropriately called Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) enacted by a Democratic government led by President Bill Jefferson Clinton.
But what is the position today? Un-elected and unrepresentative liberal courts have thrown out all such legislations and the decisions of the people obtained through the democratic process. Democracy no longer has any meaning. It is but a hollow ritual as the courts can now override the will of the people through the back door. All it takes is one aggrieved individual or group to overturn the will the people in matters properly within the exclusive jurisdictions of the states and people’s sovereignty, not unelected judges.
It’s these unsavory developments that are ailing American democracy, which has spawned a motley of secessionist movements, if you will, with the nullification movement gathering steam at the moment. This movement has actually taken off in tandem with another movement seeking constitutional convention of the states to deliberate on how, by majority votes, the states could override any policy initiatives emanating from the center in accordance with extant provisions of the US constitution.
What exactly is nullification? It is simply put, the refusal of states to honor and give effect to federal policy initiatives emanating either from the executive, legislative or judicial branch of government, including governmental agencies issuing administrative rules considered unconstitutional and overreaching or otherwise burdensome and tyrannical. Here below is a live example of what nullification means in action in the ongoing raging constitutional battle over same-sex marriage decision by the Supreme Court as reported by CBN. In this particular example, the Texas Attorney General issued a directive nullifying the Supreme Court decision as it applies to the state of Texas—by the way, the largest state in the union thusly (bold supplied): http://www.cbn.com/cbnnews/us/2015/June/State-Officials-Push-Back-against-Gay-Marriage-Ruling/:
“County clerks in Texas who object to gay marriage can refuse to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, according to Texas' Attorney General Ken Paxton.”
“Despite last week's landmark U.S. Supreme Court ruling requiring states to allow same-sex marriage, Paxton says it "did not diminish, overrule, or call into question the First Amendment rights to free exercise of religion."
“Paxton said the Supreme Court "fabricated a new constitutional right."
"This newly invented federal constitutional right to same-sex marriage should peaceably coexist alongside longstanding constitutional and statutory rights, including the rights to free exercise of religion and speech," he said.”
Several states in the south including Louisiana, the Carolinas, Mississippi, and who knows how many more, are taking similar measures to shield their peoples from the deleterious effects of this cultural pestilence. It takes just one state to set it off resulting in a domino effect across the land to reverse the swing of the pendulum.
In addition to these states, individual officials are refusing to obey the Supreme Court orders even if directed by their own state government officials.
Wishful with no enduring impact? Could be but the fight is real. It is happening as you read this just as I had predicted in my earlier write up, and gathering speed. As in matters like these the success of these rebellious states in nullifying the Supreme Court and other such decisions will spur other timid states to follow suit thus setting the stage for a profound constitutional crisis of our time that could resolve itself either peacefully or in a bloody or bloodless revolution.
And the nation is fast approaching that boiling point. One thing is for sure though: The 2016 elections could turn out to be a game changer on account of these developments. Sure, the Democrats did this to please its base, but it has helped energize and galvanize the Republican base that is now literally set on fire over this decision. If there was ever a need for a rallying cry, this is it. The Supreme Court has unwittingly produced the battle cry for the Republican base.
Decision Time—Count Me in—No Sitting on the Fence

We are now at that critical historical juncture in history where history is beckoning on us to take a stand against a “resident evil.” Count me in. Count me in for dear America, Africa and the moral world. Count me in for our culture and traditions. Count me in for the sake of our children and generations unborn being murdered in their mothers’ wombs. Count me in for posterity, and let history record that when evil men were in power in the United States ramming down the throats of people of faith their ungodly agenda, men of courage stood up to them. Count me in for the sake of the human race which is threatened by unproductive un-natural relationships invented by liberal degenerates.
Hell yes, count me in for America, the land of the free and the home of the brave! Let my voice be heard along with the muted voices of the intimidated and persecuted clergy and mass of the faithful all over America and Europe.
Count me inm for I fear not the wild stares of evil nor the censorious gaze of liberalism, but stand for what’s right in the sight of God Almighty, to whom alone I’m beholden and who shall bring his unfailing judgement in due season.
Let me, in conclusion, leave you,  my esteemed reader, with the brave words and exceedingly courageous act of a county clerk named Linda Bornette reported to have issued marriage licenses in Grenada County, Mississippi, for 24 years, who however tendered her resignation rather than be forced against her conscience and religion to issue gay marriage licenses. This, by the way, was forwarded to me by a friend as taken from www.citifmonline.com:
“I chose to obey God rather than man,” Mrs Bornette wrote in her one paragraph resignation letter to the Grenada County Board of Supervisors.”
And continuing, the Rosa Parks of our time wrote again in that one paragraph as quoted in the report thusly:
“I’m a follower of Christ and believe strongly that the Bible is my final authority. The Bible teaches that a marriage is to be between a man and a woman. Therefore, because of the recent ruling of the US Supreme Court, I can no longer fulfill my duties as Circuit Clerk and issue marriage licenses to same sex couples,” she wrote pointedly.
She would not be compromised, look the other way, go with the flow and take the easy way out, pretending all is well. Nor would she allow herself to be influenced by officialdom and group think. Rather, the stuck with her faith, values and traditions which had held society together over the millennia. She would not allow some fraudulent social engineer in Washington DC, masquerading as the Messiah, who is busy running around deceiving and misleading the people, to change. If the White House has been captured by Satan her heart would not be touched by him.
Oh what a brave heart! May your soul be blessed! Tell me how could heaven not admit her into its bosom?
Those defiant words should reverberate in all marriage registries throughout the United States at least where men and women of faith not atheists and liberals work. And let us see what liberal Obama and the roguish Supreme Court will do next. A line had been drawn in the sand which Obama and the Supreme Court have recklessly crossed with great consequences for the nation. Nowhere in history had sin exalted any nation and the US will not be an exception. On the contrary, this sort of in-your-face sin is certain to bring her down.
We will fight till the bitter end. Evil will endure but only for a season. That is the lesson of history for humanity and as long as God lives, He will not be mocked by mere mortals pretending to be gods at whose feet we all must fall and worship. Hell no—we won’t! Before God only not man, all knees shall bow as courageously displayed by that brave cultural warrior and country clerk in Granada, Mississippi. All things being equal, she is already a candidate for heaven.
As the Scriptures make clear and therefore not debatable, those who stand up for God in the face of great temptations and tribulations like this are sure to make heaven. It seems like we’re re-living Biblical times! Go forth then and sound the trumpet until it reverberates at the seat of power in Washington, DC. Count me in because America must be saved from herself. She is too big and too important for the world to fail the test of morality and succumb to the temptations of evil. 
Franklin Otorofani is a Nigerian-trained attorney and public affairs analyst resident in the United States



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