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African Push Back Against Obama’s Immoral Gay Rights Crusade
By Franklin Otorofani

Published July 26th, 2015

“The issue of gay marriage came up here yesterday. PMB was point blank. Sodomy is against the law in Nigeria, and abhorrent to our culture.”— Buhari’s Media and Publicity Special Adviser, Femi Adesina reportedly twitted on what transpired in Buhari’s meeting with Obama during his current visit to Washington, DC for pre-arranged bilaterial talks.
“Abhorrent to our culture.” Those are strong words indeed intended to unmistakably convey to Obama, Buhari’s outrage over Obama’s diabolical and grossly immoral gay rights requests and entreaties made to him during their bilateral talks in Washington.
That Obama needed to be told that at all in his own home base by visiting President Mohammadu Buhari in no uncertain terms, and would not, with his own moral compass, as a former Muslim and a Christian (?) recognize and appreciate the gross moral depravity inherent in his gay crusade after he himself had in the past severally spoken against same-sex marriage, is an indication of his woolly and shifty character and moral foundation as an individual, totally unworthy of the exalted office he holds by default in the US. If you asked me, I would say straight up that he has defiled the American presidency with this sacrilege, which would have to be cleansed after his departure to take out the demons tormenting him.
He has callously and recklessly squandered the enormous goodwill that had attended his unlikely historical presidential candidacy and inauguration.And today, he's no more than a rogue ruler in the eyes of millions both at home and abroad.

Elaborating, Mr. Adesina further twitted that Buhari “outrightly rejected the idea citing legal and cultural reasons.”
“Talks shifted to another matter once PMB emphatically stated Nigeria's stand on same sex marriage. The issue was not pushed,” he wrote.

He dared not push it after receiving what really amounts to an elder scolding a wayward child going his own way against culture and traditions. In many ways Obama behaves like a spoilt child, who in the presence of a strict disciplinarian like Buhari, could easily wilt and melt, for he is a man neither of character nor of principle to begin with. What a painful tragedy of a leader that the first African-American president has turned out to be such a moral cripple like this—all of which was carefully hidden from the world in his first term—coming into full bloom and display in his second term!

Buhari was firm and direct. He made my day. He walked tall and unbent as I had expected of him and made Nigerians and Nigeria proudm though he returned with empty hands. He has his honor intact. Although Obama dropped the subject like a hot iron from his hand, he probably left the talks all sullen with a long face. Why he would bring forth a matter that had nothing to do with Buhari’s visit shows the level of Obama’s moral depravity. He’s trying, rather unsuccessfully so far with the international community, to use the power and leverage of the US presidency to advance his gay cause.
Of all the terrible crisis facing the world today and the dire economic conditions in the US, which he misleads, Obama is concerned more with some phony, cooked-up rights that came straight out of the bowels of dementia, bordering on insanity in the Republic of Satan, than on the wellbeing of America as a whole. And Buhari probably did him a favor by scolding and lecturing him if he is still redeemable and not too far gone into the bend, which I fear he has already. Seriously, he needs spiritual healing, which liberalism cannot offer him because Satan will not contend with himself.
Fast forward to Kenya where Obama is currently on part official, part personal visit. Yes folks, Obama is finally in Kenya, his supposed ancestral country on the 7th year of his reign in America after gallivanting all over the world preaching about gay rights and abortion, particularly Europe many times over! And he’s pleading with Kenyans not to be mad at him for not coming home sooner. But that is a matter for another day, not today.
However, I can almost swear that, just as he boycotted Nigeria under former President Jonathan in his earlier African trips, Obama may have boycotted Kenya too, under its present leader due to his stout opposition to his so-called gay rights agenda, which he had been secretly promoting before now. 
And I’m not sure he has done a whole lot for Kenya, either economically or otherwise. Who knows, maybe Obama had, in his weird, demented thinking figured that Kenya, and for that matter Africa, do not have enough homosexuals, and therefore needed to produce more just like Europe and America, to develop their economies. That, we’re now learning painfully, is the true meaning of Obama’s “fundamental transformation” and “hope and change”. Little did we know in the beginning of his presidency that it had nothing to do with economic transformation of his nation and her citizens but everything to do with cultural dismantling and destruction.
Obama has come and he will leave behind African-Americans in worse conditions than he met them—with double digits unemployment rates against the single digit rates for their white and Asian counterparts. This even as he and his fake political Reverend Al-Sharpton take their gay message to every nook and cranny of the black community as if his entire legacy rests on promoting homosexuality and now transgenderism as the new kid on the block straight from Obama’s playbook.
If Obama wants to make gay crusade the cornerstone of his US presidency, he’s entitled to it, whatever his motivations may be. But he has no right to project his sick game beyond US borders, let alone to Africa with proud and wholesome traditions of moral rectitude when it comes to sex and sexuality despite Western rotten cultural influences and immoral projections onto the continent. It testifies to the depths, robustness and resilience of African cultures and traditions that have held firm and fast to their glorious past and heritage from the cradle of civilization in the face of relentless Western cultural invasion and colonialism.
But here is the deal: Africa is not part of the US and therefore not part of Obama’s constituency for him to come over and make campaign speeches as he does in the US. It’s totally inappropriate to project American politics into Africa. Therefore, Africa is not in the mood to be harassed by Obama like this with his cultural excrement. Africa might not be as technologically and scientifically developed as other continents at this moment in time, but unlike Europe and the United States, she has rich and deep cultural roots, values and traditions that she holds dear to her heart, and the last time I checked, they do not and will not include homosexuality. Period. And a million Obamas running around crusading would not be allowed to destroy, corrupt, or otherwise contaminate them howsoever. On this irreducible minimum Africa must stand as one, and I applaud President Buhari for leading the charge and taking this message directly to Washington.
This is the message delivered so emphatically and categorically to him by the Presidents of Nigeria and Kenyan: that he should keep American sickness in America and not try to export it to Africa of all places where culture and traditions mean more than a million Obamas on homosexual crusade. And if Obama has nothing better to bring to Africa where majority of the citizens are still eking out a living below “$1.00 day” as Western media so gleefully trumpets, he can keep his gay rights, which he has tacitly introduced and actively promoting as a new religion, to himself in America. Africa could do without them, and she will be just fine.
And come to think of it critically: Why is he in Africa campaigning for gay rights when right there in the US Republican controlled states are working to nullify the Supreme Court decision recognizing same-sex marriage in their states and Republican presidential candidates are vowing to undo the ruling? Why is he not out there preaching his gay gospel to them? Scared of them?
Seems to me it would be more profitable for him to direct his sermon to those states and the good Christians right resisting the introduction of his gay religion in their states in the US rather than looking for new converts in Africa, which will be hard to come by, as he must have learnt so quickly even in his own ancestral native land, Kenya. Africa is built on a rock solid foundation of tradition and culture from the ground up. It’s the wrong soil to plant his religion because even if some of the seeds germinate, they will be scorched to death in due season because they cannot prosper and thrive on a hostile soil. Yep, that’s mother Africa!
And as for good old US, too bad. It’s now a no-man’s land where anything goes under Obama. I’m afraid permanent damage has been done to that great nation and only God will save the country from the hands of crusading liberals, whom with their leader in the White House nodding, have come off unhinged, bold and daring to mount direct attacks on our culture and traditions and sacred institutions.
Who says Satan is not in charge and winning big, too? There is no better place for Satan to place the world under his thumb than the White House. And there is probably no better tool either for him than sex. And what’s more, no better part of the world than the United States or anywhere else in the West where sex is worshipped as a deity in all its perversions and debauchery. And he’s making a kill of it while it lasts because he knows his days are numbered. What a terrible curse to be working for Satan and promoting his agenda rather than for God and advancing the cause of righteousness and moral rectitude. It’s a tragedy of monumental dimensions and ramifications as the West, and by extension, the world, hurtles down the moral abyss.
Now the Biblical prophesies are being fulfilled before our very own eyes. Momentous times we’re living in indeed where things prophesied thousands of years ago are getting fulfilled in our times, making them even more surreal and poignant. Personally, I now have more faith in the Bible and Scriptures than ever before, and this should draw me even closer to God. It’s a wake-up call, folks. If nothing else, the fulfillment of these end time prophesies bears ample testimonies to the truth and immutability of the scriptures.
Who would have thought that we would be reliving infamous Biblical Sodom and Gomora in our times in the age of Obama? Who would have thought that US government funded agency would be selling baby body parts carefully targeted and harvested from their mothers’ wombs in US abortion clinics and making a show of it? Two years ago same sex marriage was a taboo in the US. A year ago sex change was still a taboo, too.
Today, they’re making celebrities out of people who changed from men to women! Transgenderism has become the new fad in America and children are being encouraged to go for it if they “feel like it.” Good gracious! This is why I said above that the damage may well be permanent in the US unless and until God intervenes to undo it.
Of course all of these mean nothing to Obama and his clan of liberals. All they understand is that they’re fighting for some phony, make-believe equality. Equality of what? Of their civil rights invention, of course, for they have no concept of sin and immorality. Therefore abortion—the killing of unborn babies is woman’s right. Men and women sleeping with animals is civil right. And the list goes on and on without moral boundaries. Folks, that is what liberalism—which now goes with the fancy deception of “progressivism”, is all about. Understand it in its grotesque ramifications.They're playing God.
Good lord, wither good old America! Where are thy bravest of old that birthed thee that looked tyranny in the face and spat on it?
Related Report: Planned Parenthood caught selling aborted baby body parts .... Did Obama utter a word about this? No, he wouldn’t because he’s funding this sick operation by Planned Parenthood. So he keeps mum when they blew the lid on it.
Just think about that for a moment as an individual with a modicum of conscience:  Planned Parenthood which is a veritable abortion factory, is caught on video by its doctors discussing how it harvests the body parts of unborn babies and sells them in the market for top dollars, and Obama who comments on virtually everything under the sun would not even utter a word about the outrage! His loud silence of course speaks volumes about his morality or lack thereof.
Isn’t it scary that a nation would have such an individual without a conscience as its leader? Well, that is the curse on the US today.  Yes I said it: Obama presidency has turned out to be a terrible curse on America and Americans know this too well. And it shows on everything Obama touches—it’s all messed up whether it is healthcare, economy, foreign policy, marriage, religion, you name it.
Now, with that said, Obama took his contrived gay rights crusade to his fatherland where he was roundly rebuffed publicly by the Kenyan president as was indeed Buhari—true African scions. It’s what every true African should be truly proud of for not mincing words in rejecting Obama’s evil entreaties. See (Obama lectures on gay rights...).
Deluded by the trappings of his office, he impudently brushed aside the warning and protests from Kenyan clergy and youths not to bring gay gospel to their country. He did the exact thing on day one as if the opinions of Kenyan bishops, pastors, millions of Christians who actually know much better than him in these matters, and the protesting youths, don’t matter at all and mean nothing to him. Such crass arrogance of power! He was lectured in return on morality and culture.
Obama could do with a boatload of lectures on religion, culture and traditions in general because he seems to be floating around with no moral anchor and compass to guide him aright. And one who is not grounded in religion, culture and traditions is apt to latch on to superficial ideologies such as liberalism or another, just as Obama has done to fill the huge vacuum.
Liberals, who claim to be anti-religion find themselves creating one for themselves in the end, because in truth, there is no avoiding a belief system as moral compass in the murky world of relativism without moral absolutes needed as sine-qua-non for a well-ordered human social experience. Yes, there are moral absolutes that cannot be negotiated or wished away in the name of political correctness, equality or whatever is out there that they want to use as crutch to promote immorality.
I don’t know if the circumstances of his birth have anything to do with it, but I couldn’t care less about that. Obama was exposed to both Islam at early age and Christianity somewhat later. Both religions are vehemently opposed to sodomy. So where did he get his demented gay theology from, if he’s not one still in closet and too cowardly to out himself? It can only come from atheistic camp and the liberal political left. And that, by definition, means an outright rejection of Islam and Christianity, under which he was raised as a child, and to which he claims to belong, not to mention good old traditions.
Here below is the report of Obama’s lecture and counter lecture and pushback from the Kenyan president:
Obama tackled the sensitive issue on his first full day in Kenya, the country of his father's birth. He drew on his own background as an African-American, noting the slavery and segregation of the U.S. past and saying he is "painfully aware of the history when people are treated differently under the law."
"That's the path whereby freedoms begin to erode and bad things happen," Obama added during a joint news conference with Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta. "When a government gets in the habit of treating people differently, those habits can spread."
Kenyatta was unmoved, saying gay rights "is not really an issue on the foremost mind of Kenyans. And that is a fact."
Yeah, that’s the same Obama who is busy sniffing emails and telephone calls of Americans talking about freedoms. Well, he got the nerve to say that because he must have been thinking that people are fools with short memories about his own malfeasance in governance back in the US. Hope somebody lectured him about respecting the civil liberties of American citizens with regards to their privacy and freedom from being spied upon by their own government.
Well, it seems to me Obama needs a ton of lectures on that one, if not from Kenyatta himself, who by the way, has just escaped prosecution at The Hague, from so-called civil rights groups in Kenya, at least.
By the way, how come they couldn’t find their voices in protest against Obama’s documented civil rights abuses and excesses back home? How come they were all mum? Or are they telling us that they only do protests sponsored by the West against their home governments after collecting filthy lucre from the West? Or could it be that they're not aware of Obama's NSA spying on citizens? Shame on them! This is not to condemn all NGOs wholesale, but the traitors amongst them on Western payrolls to betray and undermine their own countries. They’re the Judases and they know themselves.
But did you notice something in that Obama Kenyan speech though? Check it again. Here it is: Obama and Michelle are always throwing slavery experience of African-Americans in people’s faces with reckless abandon wherever they go in foreign lands when they’re not doing so in America itself even on supposedly joyous occasions. In Britain, slavery red flag is up. In Egypt, slavery red flag is up. In the UN Assembly, slavery red flag is up. In inaugural address, slavery red flag is up. In college graduation, slavery red flag is up. In Kenya, well, slavery red flags are all the way up!
Everywhere the Obamas go either individually or collectively, they don the coat of slavery and flaunt it, too. Every issue is seen through the prism of slavery. It matters not the venue or occasion. It has become their standard operating procedure. Collect their speeches and addresses and carefully analyze them. The common thread you will find running through them is the word slavery or animated allusions to it. Slavery is their shorthand for reasoned argument. It’s supposed to nail their argument before their listeners. It’s fraudulent and sickening!
Everything and all things are fraudulently reduced to slavery for the sole purpose of generating undeserved sympathy for their patently immoral causes. Both of them speak of slavery as if they either witnessed it or their parents suffered it, or in some way linked to the civil rights movement. None of that happened to them. Both of them knew nothing and suffered nothing about slavery, first hand. They’re phonies trying to reap where they did not sow using slavery as crutch. Why must every speech and every cause or issue be laced with references to slavery by African-Americans in the past?
Both of them were raised in privileged circumstances and attended some of the best schools in America. Yet they preach about slavery and reduce everything to it to pursue their evil agendas. All of a sudden homosexuals are being equated with slaves in order to draw unearned sympathy. Well not everyone falls for such cheap and false comparisons. They have nothing in common. The one is forced servitude, and the other gross immorality worthy of punishment and banishment from civilized societies.
Only Obama knows why contrived gay rights issues are more important to Kenyans than their economy, healthcare, education infrastructure, terrorism and the rest. He alone knows why his own issues should be Kenyan issues—a Kenya he didn’t bother to visit in seven years since his presidency. I have always maintained that something is wrong somewhere with the man that will be revealed in the fullness of time. There are rumors swirling around the sexuality of the Obamas in the US alright, but I don’t go with rumors, because it is unprofessional and unfair. By nature, training and culture, I only do facts not fiction or rumors. But suffice it to state, however, that this cannot be natural and normal.
With that, the Kenyan leader shut him down, albeit diplomatically so, which is just as well. Obama got the message or so it would seem, and moved on to other issues. He has no right to go to Africa and begin to lecture their leaders about his own issues in America.
Just because Obama’s is circumstantial president of the United States which he is busy destroying, gives him no right to come to Africa and lecture his betters, who in every sense boast of much greater accomplishments than his community organizing job in Chicago. Seriously speaking, only in America would a man with such scanty, negligible accomplishments with no work experience in real life, which at best, would only earn him a position of local government chairman in other lands, be made president of a superpower nation. It's unbelievable, to say the least.
Nobody knew Obama before he was catapulted into the presidency. He had no record of accomplishment in the Illinois legislature before he came to the US senate. Same for the US senate with no bill to his name. And overnight, he was in the White House! How would a man like that ever get close to the presidency of a nation if not that Americans are so carefree and outrageously gullible?
Now Americans are seeing and agonizing over their foolishness in electing a complete rookie they neither knew nor understood, to begin with, as president over and above more qualified and accomplished individuals. Now he’s busy wrecking their country—gutting their culture and traditions; decimating their military, economy, healthcare, freedoms, civil liberties and yes, influence around the world—and of course fomenting crisis he cannot handle abroad in those several countries engulfed in civil wars.
So today, and perhaps for months and years to come, I’m a Buhari supporter! For standing up to the evil in black skin residing in the White. What a tragedy that it adopted a black skin to perpetrate this abomination on the American people and now seeking to franchise it in Nigeria! For once, I now have a measure of  faith in Buhari.
I can’t say this enough, folks, because it is crucially important: Just like Jonathan saved Nigeria from civil war by conceding defeat in the last presidential election, Buhari has just saved Nigeria from immediate civil war over this gay issue because no one was ready to swallow this immoral pill and go to sleep on it without a fight. No, they would have vomited it and go to war—bitter moral war with no end until evil was defeated as if Boko Haram was not enough.
Could you imagine Obama doing this to us to set the nation on fire? Its murderous tactics aside, don’t we know what Boko Haram is fighting for and against in Nigeria? Is these kinds of moral depravities imported from the West!  Or don’t we know the reasons why Northern governors in Nigeria introduced Sharia laws into their states?
Boko Haram lacks the political sophistication to articulate it and so resorts to violence out of desperation, which is counter productive. Buhari must now politically articule those grievances in a civilized manner that would undercut Boko Haram because Nigerians do not like an anything goes nation like America without enforceable moral boundaries. That is the only way to defeat Boko Haram for good and render it irrelevant in the long run. Otherwise it will continue to enjoy sympathies from certain quarters on account of its moral crusade, though crude and bloody it might be.
It's not different from what ISIS is doing. This is the common thread running through the Islamic Jihadist movements that must be addressed, and no now is better suited than Buhari to pull this through without condoning Boko Haram excesses and murderous campaign.
With that said, Buhari is my hero today for simply saying a big and blunt no to Obama. That’s what is expected of a true leader who knows his people, culture and traditions and respects them not trample on them under his feet just because he can and get away with it by force of arm. Buhari has lifted off the dark clouds hovering over the nation’s moral firmament since the announcement of his visit to the US in the wake of the treacherous US SC decision on same-sex marriage. There has been palpable unease in the nation over this strange social disease threatening to cross the ocean to decimate our cultural traditions—a social disease and taboo dressed up a civil right.
Now, Buhari is not the first to do this. German Chancellor Angela Merkel did this earlier on albeit in less direct manner when she poured cold water on gay marriage in Germany. President Putin was more direct and confrontational with the West over this. He wouldn’t hear of it. He has taken to the podium to rail against it and has equally moved aggressively to beat it down in Russia with appropriate legislations in direct manner. And I say, good for him and Russia!
Who is Obama, by the way, to lecture Africa on this anyway? What does he know about religion and culture? Pretty scanty indeed going by his careless and flippant public talks about the scriptures. His former Pastor, Jeremiah Wright, was quoted to have said that Obama had nothing but superficial understanding of the Bible and for that matter Christianity when he first met him and took him into his church. What did they teach him and Michelle in that church? What Bible did they read in that church? These are all pertinent questions begging for answers given Obama's new direction.

In a way, Buhari did what Putin did to Obama. “We respect traditions and culture, dude. Butt out and go sell your gay crap someplace else!”
And for that Obama imposed sanctions on Russia using Ukraine as pretext. And for that Obama refused President Goodluck Jonathan military assistance to fight Boko Haram using alleged human rights abuses as pretext. And for that President Muhammadu Buhari returned home from Washington empty handed. There is a pattern to all these things. But neither Putin, nor Jonathan, Kenyatta or Buhari, could be bothered about Obama gay games because they would not betray their own peoples culture and traditions to embrace foreign cultures bothering on evil. As one Russian commentator puts it with regards to Putin:
“Russia is in fact saying it has its own culture, its own traditions and so on. It will not go the way of the West, it rejects the way the West is going and they want to keep their traditional values and that is very important for Russians.”
To hell with Obama’s military assistance to Nigeria. That Buhari went cap in hand to the weak-kneed and apologetic Obama who is known throughout the world as a failure in foreign policy, an unmitigated disaster and laughing stock in the war against terrorism, shows that Buhari is not abreast with current affairs. As stated in my earlier piece, “Evil Portents of the Buhari-Obama Romance (Bromance) for Nigeria ,” “it would appear… that the Obama administration was more interested in civil rights issues, the types it is doggedly pursuing in the United States itself, including gay marriage, than the fight against the Boko Haram insurgency.”
Obama is not worthy of Buhari’s visit to pay homage in Washington. He has an evil agenda not just for the US but for humanity in general. And if anything, should be treated as international pariah, a rouge ruler, who is out to destroy our cultural and traditional heritage and values and all that we hold dear and sacred as inviolable minimum standards of individual and public morality. Therefore, Obama’s agenda is not Buhari’s agenda, and Buhari’s agenda is not Obama’s agenda.
For there to be fruitful diplomatic engagement between Nigeria and the US there must be a meeting of interests—commonality of shared values, which are for the present time wholly absent with respect to the Obama regime. There are no common grounds for fruitful relations between Nigeria and the US under Obama. When he’s gone, there will be a real opportunity to reset relations between both nations on a healthy pedestal with a mature and principled leader, not this impostor currently in the White House.
And if Buhari was shocked about Obama raising a non-issue, which has nothing to do with Nigeria, it can only mean he had been misreading the Obama persona. Obama is not interested in fighting terrorism anywhere including Nigeria. He’s interested though in promoting liberal causes which happen to include same sex marriage, transgenderism, abortion, big government that would control speech and everything, reducing the citizens to robots, foods tamp for no work, fake global warming and the rest of the liberal bull crap. 
As such, Obama is the last person in the world to go to for assistance of any kind, military or otherwise, in the war against terror. I’m not being unduly uncharitable in this. The facts speak for themselves. One only has to look at Obama’s own so-called war against terror in Iraq, Libya, Yemen, and Syria to find out the truth about his pathetic record on terrorism.
“At the minimum Buhari should first of all try and find out Obama's track record in fighting terrorism around the globe before enlisting his support. A man who could not fight his own battle at home and abroad cannot be counted upon to fight Buhari’s war for him in Nigeria. What I’m saying here now is exactly what I had said to Jonathan when he brought in the US military advisers under Obama’s leadership to help him defeat Boko Haram. We all know what came out of it. Don’t we? I told wrote then in article that he was daydreaming to think that Obama would or could help him defeat Boko Haram when he couldn’t help himself. And I’m repeating the same message to Buhari because I don’t want him to fail in this war against Boko Haram. For all the nonsense and sacrilege he’s pushing at home, Obama is not cut out for war, but for social engineering—yeah—same sex marriage—that kind of liberal “fight”.
Who is advising Buhari on international relations, by the way? I would like to know because he or she did such a poor, lousy job indeed. I get it, alright? Washington, and by that I mean, the US, acts as the center of the universe to which all other nations supposedly gravitate almost inexorably. But even so, not every leader comes to Washington clutching a begging bowl, much less so for military assistance, particularly in regards to military hardware that could be procured everywhere else around the globe at less costs, with bang for the bucks.
Who says only US military hardware can defeat Boko Haram in Nigeria? Well they have not defeated IS in Iraq and Syria. Have they? On the contrary IS then ISIS seized them from fleeing Iraqi forces and used them to declare its caliphate over their territory under the very nose of US military advisers and their feckless commander-in-chief, President Barack Hussein Obama, for crying out loud.
And even after Obama formally declared his phony war on ISIS after dithering for months following the beheading of American and British journalists, US military assets have not defeated it either. Or have they? On the contrary, IS has expanded its territories beyond belief, capturing one Iraqi city after another, again under the very nose of US military advisers Obama sent to Iraq to “degrade” IS. Well, that has not happened either two years into his phony military campaign in Iraq.
Here is the reality on the ground: Obama has effectively reduced the once mighty US military into a toothless bulldog suffering one defeat after another, whether in Libya, Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Ukraine whether in direct combat or in proxy wars. It’s curious that Buhari is counting on a man with this horrendous military track record to help him defeat Boko Haram when he cannot do the job in his own neck of the wood.
The leader of Africa’s greatest nation went to Obama with a begging bowl and came back home empty handed. What an embarrassment that Obama would dare introduce such insane request to Buhari as condition precedent to military assistance to Nigeria. Did he now know how Obama had treated President Jonathan on this same issue in the past? Nobody advised him to steer clear of Obama? Well, yours truly did, out of patriotic promptings gratis in his capacity as private citizen looking out for the best interest of Nigeria, his homeland. Perhaps somebody should have alerted Buhari to my earlier piece referenced above though it came out a little too late to have been noticed and acted upon. He might have saved himself such an embarrassment.
Next time his foreign affairs advisers should be up to speed in matters like these. I will not, however, hold this against him though being new on the job. Now Buhari knows better than to hang out with a gay-like rouge leader demanding gay rights as quid pro quo for any assistance, military or otherwise.
All said and done, and all things being equal, Buhari now has my vote and those of hundreds of millions in Nigeria and billions in Africa on this all-important issue and that’s what counts! Obama doesn’t count. Today he’s here tomorrow he’s gone with the winds. But Nigeria and Africa remain and that’s what counts.
Well then, I could say this of America, too, which is now ground zero in the culture war, although it will be herculean to pull off. Nevertheless, it is still open to hope and belief that what Obama has destroyed—and great indeed is the damage he has done to America— will be repaired and restored by a principled, true, morally upright and God fearing leader in the mold and likeness of her founding fathers…coming next.
And after this long immoral cloud and darkness enveloping the US and the West, comes bright shining light and spiritual enlightenment inevitably at the end of the tunnel. This must and will happen in due course because there is GOD, the Creator, who is watching, seeing, hearing and smelling it all unfold in all its gaudy debauchery and putrid decadence. America must be saved from and for Americans!

Franklin Otorofani is a Nigerian attorney and public affairs analyst resident in the United States.



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