Posted November 27, 2006

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We Never Gave Them Invitation

They came without invitation, they arrived noticeable but without our approval, they were not documented immigrants. Europeans were no different from the biblical illustration of the messiah whose arrival at the dead of the night will be unnoticed and without invitation. The messiah was deemed to salvage his believers, put to rest their troubles and ultimately ascend them to the pedestal of heavenly bliss. The European plunders refused to take lesson from this redemptive life of the redeemer (Messiah) rather our traditional, socio-political, economic and cultural heritage was mystified and scorned. Perhaps we are facing a cultural genocide as many of us lack the proficiency of our mothers’ tongue

Europeans banditry of the continents of Africa and Asia has no level for justification; it was a gluttonous adventure for these continents’ human and natural resources. Both resources have historically facilitated development of Europe and its brotherly northern hemisphere. Human and natural resources were their thirst… I found it extremely difficult to comprehend the rational behind the racial and restrictive migration laws now rampant in Europe and America. Immigrants are often shouldered with blame of proscribed behaviours; their ghettoes tagged as haven for anti-social doings and they are sources of effluence behavioural patterns within the society. The certainty of these claims and allegations can only be authenticated by pro-objective researchers.

The imperative question coming to the minds of many immigrants is why the refusal of residence when we helped build your economy. At the outset of European imperialist adventurism, immigrants’ forebears were used on the farms and plantations. At a juncture of their servitude, their services merited little demand due to industrial revolution, thus Europeans collapsed their evil edifice of slavery. It is implicitly understood that the current wave of immigration laws would not be the very first time when Europeans turn back on immigrants (foreigners).

You taught us lesson of various kinds, you even tutored us in the act of sit-tight power structure in hope to continue your legacy of surrogacy. Decades after your departure many of the colonized countries were still haunted by the shadow of colonialism. Your surrogates channelled national wealth to their personal purses, our economies became stagnated by your financial hegemonic structures that shapes the bearing of the world economies. You created the financial institutions of cheat yet you expected our graduation from grass to grace. Yet ordinary citizens live from hand to mouth, little could we boost of sound educational system, infectious diseases become daily contentious problem. We sleep and dream of a brighter tomorrow, knowing full well that grace have ceased to descend from heaven. Heaven helps those who help themselves.

Your influence and hand in our domestic socio-political and economic affairs contributes immensely to the poverty level, civil strife and political instabilities in the continent. Hence what do you expect than migration to where our forebears have worked diligently, assiduously and have contributed to Europe stable economies.

The surrogates you left with power took after you; they usurped power and wealth and bequeathed such legacy to their successors. Many of these stooges of yours often try to outwit your design and you automatically label them. Appositely, little or no value lies in the aid you claimed of dishing out to poor countries of the African continents. Deductively it is just the profits from a long journey of servitude to your nations. You continue to compensate victims of the holocaust yet nothing is done to recognize the evil of colonialism and whenever people-centred governments seek reparation you mount army of resistance against such governments then anti-western interest becomes the propaganda.

You preoccupied yourself with restrictive immigration laws that could cease the migration of those whom you subjected their existence to abject poverty through your economic structure. Why drive away those that noticeably contribute to your advancement. You see us as undocumented, illegal and uninvited guests while you laid the foundation; pillaged our resources coercively during your unwelcome colonialism. Europeans are obviously the pacesetter of unwelcome immigrants.

Your new laws tell how much you detest our presence; evidently the laws cannot survive but collapse in a predictive future. Your countries are accosted by imperative social problems that can only be bridged by immigrants. Your economies are at our mercy, your unskilled labours are to certain extent of our choice because you planned our destiny in your own fashion. Our economies were stationed at mono-economies; our technological deficiency was out of your fashion, creating continuity in dependency. Your classic quintessence of double standard makes you vulnerable to these blames
  1. One fact is known that you never wanted our improvement rather a continuous servitude and dependence on your economies, then to what extent you want to reduce exodus migration from poorer countries.
  2. The existence of debt equals economic bondage and perpetual loyalty to your dictate which evidently have its reflection on our economic instability.
  3. The unimaginable or perhaps the continuous tradition of exploitation by your patent multinationals is full grown evidence that your economic buoyancy rest on our exploitation.
All these claims however do not point to the fact that African leaders are excusable from their mal-administrative practices. Colonialism has always been the scapegoat which many African nations shoulder the blame for their underdevelopment, but many of these nations have long been independent yet no changes are seen.

The formerly colonised regions of Asia and Latin America are incomparable with the African continent in terms of development. Although, some still clinched the problems to post-colonial arrangement, many third world nations with which Africa in enlisted were made to rely and depend economically and technologically on their former masters, though political independence has been attained.

The dictum of third worldism has become a phenomenon and a stigma that obviously demand critical assessment. Leaders in this part of the world should start wiping their faces from long inspired slumber; mercy has ceased to descend from heaven. The conspicuous political display of the western world is that of a realist, whose ontological principles lies in conservatism, pessimism and in the Darwinian mantra “survival of the fitness”.

Do it yourselves is the ironic melody played by the west yet not understandable to our leaders, you have to clean your house and put your socio-political, cultural and political structures in order. Doing that would cease the progression and trim down the strength of immigration, positively could weigh down the brain drain issue and bring back home experts from the world of so-called whitemen.

Bakare A. Najimdeen, a research associate faculty of Social Science, dept. Politics and International Relations. IIU Islamabad. (


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