Posted December 27th, 2006

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May the souls of the dead rest in peace, and may the injured be restored to health. May we the living be rescued from the wicked hands of our so called president. OLUYE, a villager on the NIGERIANVILLAGESQUARE.COM, thinks the recent fuel disaster has nothing to do with the president. When any tragedy occurs in NIGERIA , would you want us to BLAME god, or YOURSELF, if not OBASANJO who is not leading Nigeria well? A good leader would work hard to prevent such tragedy recurring in their space and time, again, and again and again. But clearly Obasanjo is a KHAKISTOCRAT. Don’t mind his insincere agony for the ABULE EGBA victims. We have had such deceit from him before. Yet, he will do nothing productive about a re-occurrence, as the figures below would attest.

How many countries in the world are petroleum producers? And how many of these are poor nations like us? And in how many other such nations, apart from Obasanjo's Nigeria do we read about fuel disasters, as a regular occurrence? Think about it, the leadership of Nigeria appears not to value human life. Obasanjo' s leadership is one based on enforced loyalty, not on a respect given freely by the people or of reverence for the valued leader. Hence, he surrounds himself with enforcers, like ADEDIBU, ALI and UBA, among others. These political TERRORISTS have helped to debase human lives in the West, the East and the North. Obasanjo does not really care about people's welfare. He spends his time scheming EVIL for the nation, for YOU and for US all. You too know all the ATROCITIES that BABA BALUBALU has caused upon the people of Nigeria .

Now, if the president is NOT to blame, how has he helped to improve the lot of the common person? Has he helped with electricity in nearly 8 YEARS? Has he helped with fuel availability in his wasted 8 years? Has he helped improve road or air or rail transport in his 8 years? Has he helped to improve security and safety of lives in his 8 years?

Rather, Obasanjo has merely ruled with little or no regard for the masses. POVERTY and INSECURITY have turned poor people into emergency FUEL scavengers, at Abule Egba as it was in JESSE. I am sure they will still scavenge, today and tomorrow if and when another LEAK occurs along the weak chain of petrol distribution. When people have a fate worse than death, the threat of dying makes no sense to such people.

Please consider the statistics from a BBC report: NIGERIA PIPELINE DISASTERS
May 2006: At least 150 killed in Lagos
Dec 2004: At least 20 killed in Lagos
Sept 2004: At least 60 killed in Lagos
June 2003: At least 105 killed in Abia State
Jul 2000: At least 300 killed in Warri
Mar 2000: At least 50 killed in Abia State
Oct 1998: At least 1,000 killed in Jesse
NOW - Dec 2006 : At least 700 killed in Lagos

Seven reported fuel disasters have happened under Obasanjo’s watch. And THOUSANDS are dead.

I repeat my question, why does FUEL disaster happen ONLY in Nigeria ? Has Obasanjo really wondered about this? Is he actually bothered about the odious statistic? Would he be so bold to put his hand on his heart and swear to God, Almighty, his Creator, that the ABULE EGBA tragedy has nothing to do with his BAD GOVERNANCE? And that he should be judged by God for his innocence in these and other such predictable and preventable waste of human lives that have been a regular decimal in his 8 sad, mad, and gad years of presidency…


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