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How Successful Will 2007 Elections Be?

As 2007 election is getting closer, political observers, political analysts, political stakeholders, marketers, and civil society are questioning “how successful will 2007 general elections be” considering the level of insecurity in the country. The spate of political killings since inception of administration is astounding and amazing in the Nigerian political landscape.

Before the 2003 general elections three and half years ago we witnessed the same political killings. People get killed everyday. It was not like this during the military imperial, and we are not praying for military stage back. Nigeria and Nigerians should be very careful not to ruin our toilsome democracy, our hard-earn democracy, and the democracy that we received with tears in our eyes. I don’t think we need to kill in order to gain political power.

These political killings, and political intimidations and victimizations must not be accepted. Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) governorship candidate in 2003 Engr. Funso Williams was recently murdered by suspected assassins in his Dolphin estate in Lagos. This is happening barely three weeks after another governorship aspirant under the umbrella of Advanced Congress of Democrats (ACD) in Plateau State, Chief Jesse Aruku, was shot dead in Jos, the state capital by other suspected assassins.

Those who are skeptical about the outcome and success of the 2007 general elections are right. The political killings and intimidation in our society today, warrant doubts about the 2007 elections. If the government does not take drastic and preliminary actions to stop these killings before the 2007 elections, it is evident that more and more people will die before the 2007 elections

Posted by Isaac Moses , July 31st, 2006
Chicago, U.S.A

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