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African Push Back Against Obama’s Immoral Gay Rights Crusade
“The issue of gay marriage came up here yesterday. PMB was point blank. Sodomy is against the law in Nigeria, and abhorrent to our culture.”— Buhari’s Media and Publicity Special Adviser, Femi Adesina reportedly twitted on what transpired in Buhari’s meeting with Obama during his current visit to the Washington for bilaterial talks. “Abhorrent to our culture.” Those are strong words indeed intended to unmistakably convey to Obama, Buhari’s outrage over Obama’s diabolical and grossly immoral gay rights requests and entreaties made to him during their bilateral talks in Washington.

That Obama needed to be told that at all in his own home base by visiting President Mohammadu Buhari in no uncertain terms, and would not, with his own moral compass, as a former Muslim and a Christian (?) recognize and appreciate the gross moral depravity inherent in his gay crusade after he himself had in the past severally spoken against same-sex marriage, is an indication of his woolly and shifty character and moral foundation as an individual, totally unworthy of the exalted office he holds by default in the US.

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The term empowerment is referred to as giving power and authority to someone or giving them or instilling in them confidence and strength to face the challenges of life. As such it is the priority of this present administration to empower youths and destitute in all spheres of life. As it is worldly recognized that job creation is the key to creating economic stability, just as important, is addressing the issues of youth’s underemployment. With the youths unemployment rate as high as 30 to 60% in the states, young people are given little to no choice for development. Significantly are more vulnerable to social vices, which is making the Buhari administration to make a giant move towards socio-economic reconstruction and youths empowerment schemes. .

Oshiomhole Vs Okonjo Uweala : A Case Of A Country Unable To Audit Its Finances
Adams Oshiomhole current governor of Edo state has been hot in the news recently. Following the victory of Buhari and the APC in the recent polls both at national and state levels, Oshiomhole appears to be assuming a larger profile in national matters particularly where it concerns the management of the nations treasury and oil wealth. The issues Oshiomhole has been harping on are serious matters and deserve to be clarified with utmost seriousness and sense of responsibility. On the other hand the main target of Oshiomholes tirades is the former super minister, coordinating minister of the economy and finance minister, Ngozi Okonjo Uweala. Okonjo Uwealas intimidating profile and stature need no restating here, neither does the fact that the former president handed her the reins of the nations economy to do as she deemed fit with. It is safe to conclude that her say over matters concerning the Nigerian economy came second only to that of the then president thus it would appear appropriate that Oshiomhole continues to emphasise the level of responsibility this woman bears in giving account to Nigerians reasons for the current state of Nigeria's finances.

Synagogue Church vs. Lagos Coroner Community Groans, As Prophet Lies Low
PROPHET T. B. Joshua atop a bicycle, riding leisurely, Prophet T. B. Joshua taking an evening walk outside the walls of his Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), Prophet T.B. Joshua stopping for a minute or two to watch some men chatting away at a game of draughts. These are by no means common sights. But one man has seen them all. “Personally, I don’t come to the shop on Sundays,” said the shop owner. He was a tall man, possibly, in his early 50s. His dark-lit shop spotted an array of everything except nothing. At some points, he spoke like one who might have been born a stammerer, had some powerful cherub not hurriedly whisked his spirit away from the queue. “I worship at The Synagogue,” the shop owner said proudly. “Many people open their shops on Sundays because of the money they hope to make. I want money and I want Christ also. But I have to choose one. That is why I don’t open my shop on Sunday.”

The Profligate Governors
Several weeks ago, some of the newly elected governors descended into Abuja asking for what can be termed a handout or bailout from President Buhari. According to published reports, they returned to their respective official residence empty because President Buhari claimed, he inherited an empty treasury from the government of Goodluck Jonathan. Anyone who was miffed by the President's action should embrace his magnificent display of probity and moderation. The President ought to demonstrate that misuse of public fund is intolerable and would not be condoned. While I joined the masses who applauded his decisiveness in rejecting and shunning waste in government, I want him to go further.



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